Spiritual Healing Tinnitus

This article on spiritually healing tinnitus originally appeared as a comment on my other website.

It proved so popular with visitors that I decided to give it its own page.

I will be including the comments previously made along with my replies and those of the author. 

Click here for Keith's visualization for meditation healing.

I asked Keith to introduce himself to you. Here goes:

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healing tinnitus

"I once thought that I was Keith Milhench.
But that was a lifetime ago.
I was woken ever so suddenly
through science to the truth that we know.
Then through focus and practice
I remembered my reality within
and forgave the world for what I thought it had done
and gave thanks every day...to Him"

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Keith voices his belief in healing tinnitus more strongly than you will hear me do in other articles.

I really enjoy his comments such as “I guarantee it” when talking about being healed of tinnitus, or any illness, but I don’t feel able to make the same guarantee!

These words on how to cure tinnitus are based on his own personal experience.

Keith is a beautiful guy who has become a close friend since writing this article.
I am privileged to feature his personal story of spiritually healing  tinnitus on www.HealingCFSME.com.

Once you have read the article, you might want to share your own comments about Healing Tinnitus or any spiritual healing you have experienced.

Contents of this article on spiritual healing tinnitus

  • Testimony of miracle tinnitus healing
  • Meditation Visualization for Tinnitus
  • Quantum physics and healing. We are not the body.
  • Our Core Essence: The Miracle of God
  • ACIM Healing Quote
  • Medical  confirmation of improved hearing

From Keith:

Testimony - a miracle of healing tinnitus

I had a healing miracle Katherine... a dramatic one!

I took hammer drill damage to my right ear in 1998. It left me with Tinnitus, an 'incurable' ringing in my ear, plus about a 50% loss of hearing in that ear.

I got used to it and accepted it. It even became useful; because as a shift worker I could go to bed in a noisy house, at odd times, and know I could shut get to sleep by sleeping on my good ear, shutting out other noise!

Meditation Visualization for Healing Tinnitus

On this particular afternoon in Feb 2010 I meditated as usual, visualizing myself expanding out to be bigger than the universe as I often did.

During this particular session I felt like I had been flooded with healing energy, as if energy had been rained down on me. It was amazing!
I then went to bed that night as normal.

The next thing I knew was when I was woken up in the early hours by an intense, uncomfortable, almost painful, pulling, pushing, clunking and clanging, and twisting inside my head, but connected to my ears. The inside of my head felt ENORMOUS! It was as if giant cogs were being separated, rotated, and locked back into each other.

Suddenly the pain in my ears ended, there was a high pitched ringing, and I must have drifted back off to sleep.

When I woke up I didn't remember the incident for about a minute, until I noticed that I had no ringing in my ear, plus I could hear the TV on downstairs... normally! I think I must have 95% hearing back in my right ear.

I didn't ask for the healing. I certainly didn't expect it! I definitely thank God for it though!

I then started to expand myself during meditations

I then started to expand myself during meditations more regularly.

I would make myself bigger than the universe, reducing it to a mere tiny spec in the distance.

I am certain that by doing this the atoms in the human body take their rightful place as part of all there is.

The theory behind healing tinnitus.
Quantum physics and healing. We are not the body.

We are not the body. By seeing ourselves as only bodies we create a state of dis-ease.

Quantum Physics teaches that in order to exist at all we have to exist everywhere, as part of everything.
The act of observation of the particles creates separation and solidity of what is actually all one entity.
By constricting ourselves into these tiny bodies we restrict our spiritual growth, making ourselves un-natural, small, dense, and destined to suffer and die. We create a state of ‘dis-ease’ for ourselves.

By opening up and expanding we enable our atoms to claim their natural and actual state as part of the universe which speeds up the oscillating of the particles, increasing the vibrational rates to ones closer to our natural state as spirit in Heaven. This is what makes room for the miracle of God to enter into our being.

A Course In Miracles teaches that we are part of everything there is. Quantum Physics proves exactly the same. Both teach us that absolutely everything we think we see is nothing more than a holographic projection which stems from our own thought system.

What we think, and what we feel give us what we see as our physical 'reality'.

When we find that difficult to get our heads around we should remember that we witness ourselves and our world with eyes that also exist in totality with everything else.

If it is the case that we create the world around us with the power of our minds, and that the images we see are merely mirror images of our innermost feelings and emotions, then it stands to reason that all thought creates form at some level.

Once I got used to that concept it became easy to close the eyes I no longer trust and to begin to trust not only my feelings, but also the fact that whatever I see during my meditation healing visualization is having a direct effect on the reality I see and experience.

Our Core Essence: The Miracle of God

In fact what happens is that God does not 'enter our being' at all. The meditation and expansion removes the solidity of the human form which acts as a block to what always has and always will be there as our core essence, the miracle of God.

It's like opening the door to our reality.

It is a fact that the denser a material is the lower its vibrational frequency will be.
Therefore it stands to reason that the higher the frequency we can attain the less dense we become, transcending matter to become our natural selves, as spirit.

If I get stuck in left brain…busy doing something or other, my tinnitus can come back, but only very slightly.
As soon as I notice I simply expand myself out in my mind, which generates a physical feeling!
As I expand, the tinnitus dissolves. I now use it as a reminder to keep myself conscious at all times.
It is proof to me that the more I can keep my atoms and particles consciously expanded as part of all there is, the higher my frequency will be, the closer I will be to God and spirit, and the effect is better health for my body.


Praise God!

I don't believe in coincidences. I came across this ACIM healing quote yesterday.

“Only the mind is capable of error. The body can act wrongly only when it is responding to misthought.

The body cannot create, and the belief that it can, a fundamental error, produces all physical symptoms.
Physical illness represents a belief in magic. The whole distortion that made magic rests on the belief that there is a creative ability in matter which the mind cannot control.
This error can take 2 forms; it can be believed that the mind can miscreate in the body, or that the body can miscreate in the mind.

When it is understood that the mind, the only level of creation, cannot create beyond itself, neither type of confusion need occur.”

(ACIM healing quote)

I think that was perfectly timed and perfectly said.

Follow up to my Spiritual Healing Tinnitus story...

Healing Deafness - Medically confirmed hearing improvement

I went for a medical at work last week. I was amazed when the audiology test showed that my right ear, the one which had the Tinnitus and deafness, actually showed a better quality of hearing than the left one! It has improved beyond the initial miracle. I could see it on the graph.

I puzzled as to how the hearing improvement came about...

I have been making it regular practice to be in contact with my reality as an energy field. Understanding that the human of 2012 restricts its own experience and power by focusing on an external unreality through unconscious left brain dominance,I have made a conscious effort to awaken the particles of my right brain through targeted attention.

I have been rewarded beyond expectation, even occasionally experiencing waves of euphoria flooding through the target area.
I can only assume it has healed hearing  on my right side through simple proximity.

What a wonderful side effect for which I am truly grateful.

Comments on Healing Tinnitus

Keith, Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful story about your spiritual healing of tinnitus.

You say: "As soon as I notice I simply expand myself out in my mind"

What is wonderful is that it sounds like you meet the symptoms without fear, without the normal chatter of the mind:
"Oh here it is, back again..." etc.
Letting go of fear of symptoms is so important and can be quite a challenge!
In Love, With Love,

Thanks by: Keith

Thank you Katherine. Your summary of the healing meditation ("see link below") is perfect. It gives it a clarity that even I hadn't realised!

Healing is wild! and wonderful!

It is difficult. BUT IT IS POSSIBLE.

In love

Many people who have just got tinnitus feel they are going crazy. You are not going crazy. Be gentle with yourself as you move towards a greater level of acceptance. Accepting the condition doesn't mean that you won't recover. I hope you do :-)

Move to say a prayer to heal tinnitus for yourself, a loved one or for all who have asked for prayer. Thank you.

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