Hypnotherapy for healing tinnitus?

by Daniel
(New Mexico)

I have been practicing self hypnosis for decades, and finally decided to get formal training as a hypnotherapist. In two days I will take the certification exam, and pass it easily.

One of the text books for the medical support training is Gerald Epstein's "Healing Visualizations" creating health through imagery.

There is no specific mention of healing the ears or hearing loss but Dr. Epstein writes that emotion is always a factor in illness.

He describes a man with heart disease as feeling "heartbroken" over his relationship with an uncaring spouse.

I have what three E.N.T. doctors have all described as "unexplained sudden hearing loss" in my right ear. Also Tinnitus in both ears. My feeling is that ."What can be gone or lost without explanation can be restored or returned without explanation".

If there is a specific visualization, developed by Epstein or another author I would find that information useful, If not I will develop one myself.

As Dr. Epstein writes on page 47 of his book

“Remember everyone has the capacity to create images, to change existing imagery exercises, or to originate them....There are no restrictions, nor are there any limits to the possibilities. The mind and body (bodymind) are inseparable.
What the mind accepts as true is manifest in the body, and the right images and emotions guide the healing process.”

I have noticed some improvement as more and more my ears are returning to alignment, and function.
Good luck to all who are challenged in this way.
May you find understanding truth and healing!

Reply from Katherine T Owen, webmaster at www.HealingCFSME.com
Dear Daniel,
Thank you for a very heartening post. How wonderful to hear of the reduction in tinnitus.

In terms of your exploration of the symbolism of emotions, you might be interested to know that you are the third visitor to this healing website to have both deafness and tinnitus.

Do let us know when you have developed your own specific visualization for healing tinnitus. You may, of course, not want to make it freely available, but let us know either way.

Every blessing on your healing journey,

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