Protein Drink for CFS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Hi there, I have spent many years looking for a protein drink for CFS / ME.

To be fair, for many years, I did not know such a thing existed.

My first experience was the Visalus protein drink which I took every day for some years.

However, some time ago I watched a health programme where an expert suggested that sucralose, one of the ingredients in the Vi Shake, was probably not suitable for consumption and has not yet been around long enough to be fully tested.

In its favour the manufacturer states that Visalus protein drink is used by Olympic athletes. Nonetheless, I stopped taking it. 

I didn't like the look of the whey protein drinks made for weight lifters and they are so expensive that it seems a big outlay when I didn't know if it would suit me.

Now I have found a cheaper and pure protein shake alternative for those of you with CFS/ME.

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Make your protein drink for CFS /ME from protein powder

You can make your protein shake for CFS /ME from protein powder.


The following powders are available to make the following shakes:

  • Pea protein shake
  • Pumpkin seed protein shake
  • Sunflower seed protein shake
  • Hemp protein shake

Pea protein powder is the best according to Dr Christianson - see below.

I buy from the very excellent DetoxTradingLtd (This is my affiliate link tho I am unlikely to ever reach the payout threshold!).

protein drink ingredient

I am in the UK. They post to parts Europe, but probably not elsewhere.

In the UK, there is also a company Funktional foods which produces Hemp Protein Powder. According to their website, you can buy it at most Tesco's, although I found it in The Range.
The problem is that the packets are small - 100g.
Dr Christianson's recommendation is 23g of protein mimimum per serving. This requires a serving of 50g.
So a packet is only 2 protein shakes.

However it is an affordable way to see if you like the idea of using a powder as the basis for a protein drink for CFS. Tesco do home delivery if you are housebound or bedbound.

I used to put the protein powder in a beaker, add some coconut milk, pop the lid on, shake it up and drink it as my breakfast every few days.
It isn't officially a protein shake. But it's protein and I shake it!

Since then I have read the excellent Metabolism Reset Diet book by Dr Christianson.

It turns out that by just putting in a couple of spoonfuls, I was not eating enough protein.

I will write a review of the book at some point. But even if you don't do the diet, I recommend buying it to get 30 recipes for protein shakes. These give you a good balance of protein+fat+ resistant starch. Many of them are yummy too.
You will need to use a blender.

Protein drink for CFS as part of a diet for hypoglycemia and a rotation diet

Although the symptoms are rare now, I still manage my diet to avoid hypoglycemia (dizzy spells and the need to eat frequently).

I find it very handy to have a protein meal to take for breakfast or to take with me if I go out.

I do wish I had known about protein drinks when I lived bedbound with severe CFS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 
It would have been so good to have something by the bed that I knew I could take if I did not have someone to feed more or when a caregiver did not turn up .

If you are living with severe ME/CFS you could just keep some powder in a beaker and add water when needed. It won't be yummy without other ingredients.
It will also be powdery, especially if you are not well enough to shake it much.
But at least it will be protein.

Whilst I am no longer on a strict rotation diet, I know from my history with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that I am vulnerable to food sensitivities, so I do not take the same protein drink every day. (I try to avoid eating any one food on every single day of the week.)

Please, as always, make your own decision about taking a protein drink for CFS /ME.

I hope this is helpful :-)

Wishing you health both within and beyond illness,


Katherine T Owen

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