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Get well chronic illness cards

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Most Get Well cards are unsuitable for someone with a longterm illness.
Receiving the message to 'Get Well' when you have lived with illness for many years can feel unhelpful.

I know this because I live with CFS/ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Myalgic Encephalomyelitis).
I also have many friends who live with the same or with other chronic illnesses.

The Healing Greetings Cards on this page offer suitable encouragement for your friend or family member.

Personalise the card by adding your name and the name of the recipient inside.

If you live with chronic illness yourself, you may want to send the card direct to save a trip to the postbox/mailbox.

Alternatively, you can delete the example text inside the card to leave it blank. This is appropriate if you want to buy cards in bulk and choose later who to send them to.

I hope these messages of encouragement bless you and bless those who receive a greetings card from you.

Contents for Chronic Illness Greetings Cards

Please scroll down to find the card that speaks to you.

  • Encouragement Cards - I see your strength
  • Health Affirmation Cards
  • Words of Support Greetings Cards
  • Christian Healing Chronic Illness Card
  • Poetry Cards - Healing

Encouragement Cards

Living with chronic illness requires strength. Let your friend know you see in them the strength to keep going.

Health Affirmation Cards

Is your friend hoping for greater health.
Are they interested in the Law of Attraction or in "Walking by faith not sight".
If so, the chronic illness greetings cards below let them know that you join minds with them for their HEALTH vision.
(Please also think of offering them any practical help they need to help to make greater health more likely!)

Discounts are often available in the Zazzle HealingStore.
Once you click through into the Zazzle website, make sure to look out to see if there is a helpful discount code at the top of the screen. If so, enter the code at the time when you buy.

If you are pretty sure you want to buy a number of cards across the year. Or you become compelled to send people photo cards for a year - as I did! - then it is worth paying Zazzle Black shipping. After that postage is free for a year.

Words of Support in a time of chronic illness

Whilst living with chronic illness, improved health can seem like a dream or a far-off goal.
Your friend or family member has other immediate needs, such as the need for attention, or the need for belief.
Send them a chronic illness card to let them know 'you are in my thoughts' or to join minds with them for their needs to be met.

Buy a Christian Healing Chronic Illness Card

Is your friend or family member who is living with chronic illness also a Christian?
Scriptures for healing act as powerful words of encouragement.
When I was bedbound, a friend sent me a card with a Bible verse. I kept it by my bed throughout that time.

Buy a Poetry Greetings Chronic Illness Card

I am a poet. The poetry greetings card "A Holding Space" is on my wardrobe.
It's message encourages me to feel all my feelings.

More information about buying a Get Well chronic illness card

If you log in to the Zazzle website, you are free to make other customisations to the front back and inside of any card you choose.

Many of the get well cards for chronic illness are available to buy in two alternative sizes. Select your preferred option for a different size. Do check the image carefully as the dimensions of the greetings card can become distorted.

If you particularly like one of these designs, you might choose to see if it is also featured as a spiritual poster.

There is a "Transfer design to a product" option on the Zazzle website.
In my experience, this option is sometimes there and sometimes not!
Scroll down below the image of the product.
The option to transfer to a different product should appear just above the product description.

All profits from these chronic illness Greetings Cards go, in theory,  towards the cost of running this website.
In practice I usually use my credit to buy and send Zazzle gifts to my own friends and family!

Thank you so much for any purchases.
I appreciate you.

And if you have simply enjoyed the designs or the spiritual words of encouragement,
thank you for being here.

Be blessed.

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