Visualization and Meditation Healing

The main visualization for meditation healing in this article is written by Keith and Katherine. 

Go here if you first want to read Keith’s story of his spiritual healing of tinnitus and hearing loss.

If you have mislaid your hope for healing you might want to read about how to live with and overcome fear or doubt.

Or go through to the healing tinnitus forum if you want to read other people's experience of living with and healing tinnitus. We have had some truly beautiful souls pop by.

First Visualization for Meditation Healing

Try to remember a time before a particular symptom manifested itself.

Focus on how you felt, and functioned, without this symptom - for 5 minutes when you wake up, then again before you sleep.

At the same time flood the problem area with bright white healing light.

This increases the vibrational frequency, thus speeding up healing. 

Then increase the frequency of visiting that vibration of wellness throughout the day.

One day you will suddenly find the symptom is gone! I guarantee it!

Preparation for A Second Visualization for Meditation Healing

You can say these healing affirmations to prepare your mind to receive the benefits of the meditation healing.

I trust that this visualization  for meditation healing impacts on my experience of reality

I trust in something other than my physical sight and feelings.
‘I walk by faith not sight.’

I let go of labelling the symptom.

I feel the symptom.

I accept the symptom

I recognise I don't know the answer.

I say a prayer for healing:
‘Dear Holy Spirit please enter my mind and replace the error causing the pain with a miracle of God’s healing love. Thank you. Amen’

I say a prayer of gratitude and confidence that it is taken care of:
‘Thank you God for healing me. Amen.’

I switch from sufferer to observer of the symptom and my body. I get curious.

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Guided Meditation Script for Healing
(By Keith, expanded on by Katherine T Owen)

healing meditation

I become aware of my breath.

Science tells me that I am 99% space.

Within each cell in my body there is space.

And within this space there is energy.

I shift from identification of myself as the physical body to awareness of this spaciousness. At the quantum level I am energy (or spirit).

I am a cloud of spirit, a human sized one.

I become aware of the spaciousness in my muscles.
I breathe into this spaciousness.

I become aware of the spaciousness in my bones.
I breathe into this spaciousness.

I become aware of the spaciousness in every blood cell in my body.
I breathe into this spaciousness.

And now, if there is any part of my body that feels tense or in distress, I bring the focus of the meditation healing to this part of my body.
And I find the same spaciousness in this part of my body.
I breathe into this spaciousness.

I allow the breath to become deeper.

And on each IN breath I feel myself expanding...

With every IN breath I expand my cloud of spirit more and more,

... to fill the room

... to fill the building

... to fill the town

... to fill the county/state

... to fill the country

... to fill the globe of the earth

... to include the moon

... to fill the entire solar system

until now I feel whole universe contained within me.

And now I zoom out to be so big that the Universe ends up as a tiny speck in the distance.

I feel the enormity of my true self, and I may even lose touch with physical sensations.

I rest in this place of knowing I am not the body.

I am part of All That Is.

And when I am ready I bring myself back into my body.

I feel the solidity of my body as it rests on the chair or the bed.

I feel the borders of my body and its shape.

I allow myself to be who I am and where I am as I exist in this body.

I come back knowing that I have taken a break from being identified with this seemingly separate  body with its unique set of problems.
I have spent time remembering that I am ALL THAT IS.

I imagine what I will see when I open my eyes.

And, in my own time, I allow myself to return to full waking consciousness.

I open my eyes.

I stretch and smile, knowing that I have just done a wonderful  meditation healing to reconnect me with the health that I am.

Additional Healing Techniques from Keith

  • Learn to take charge of your feelings and emotions.
  • Focus on your breathing in the present moment.
  • Dismiss negative thoughts.
  • Flood your body with healing light.
  • Keep your mind in tune with God, as if you live in a meditative state.

Do these things as often as possible although not when operating dangerous machinery, ha ha!

First feel, then observe

When you suffer physically, don't label it... feel it, accept it.

Silent observation of the pain swings your perspective from being the sufferer to being the observer of the suffering, removing you from the role of victim.
I find this alone can help alleviate suffering.

A Course In Miracles inspired Healing Affirmations

This cannot be happening. I know that the pain I feel is only what I think I deserve.

Sickness is a defense against the truth. I am not a body. I am mind.

Minds cannot attack, and therefore I cannot be feeling as I am.

In reality there is only error in the cause, my mind, creating effect on the mind’s creation, my body.

Ask: Does the illness serve a purpose?

Finally, ask your higher self if the symptom serves a purpose. It takes honesty.

Healing Allergy

I asked why I had a severe allergy to horses, one where my face would inflate!
I traced its origin back 40 years to when I was 5 and had my thumbnail was bitten off by one.
That simple remembrance allowed truth to shine away the allergy. I now have no need for it.
Existence is very simple.

Healing liver

My liver failed and almost killed me.

I had some serious soul searching to do over the following few months.
I had to ask myself how the experience served me. If you ask honestly you will know the answer.

My answer was uncomfortable to admit to myself.

I was using the disease which led to my liver failure in order to make myself lovable, even if it was through pity.

My first thought was 'How pathetic!' My second was 'How true!'.

A few weeks later my liver had recovered to absolutely normal function.

I have a letter from my specialist to my GP in which he admits the healed condition but is unable to explain how.

It was a real turning point for me. I now understood and was experiencing the beautiful realities of inner and outer reality!

With Love


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