Miracle Healing
The real miracle is that you are an aspect of God

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I experienced a miracle healing in 2008.

This followed years of practising faith healing techniques and was triggered by a training based on Neurolinguistic Programming/ NLP techniques for physical healing.

I spent 14 years bedbound with severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, unable to feed myself.
In 2008 I started to walk and stand and feed myself independently.

You might say that this is not a miracle healing because I was not restored to  perfect health. If so, I respect that.

I can only say that it felt like a miracle.

I kept hope for healing alive after so many years of severe disablement.
But most people I knew did not expect any change.

To go from that level of health to be able to return to independently getting food and being able to see and make friends once more has been amazing. It continues to be a cause of celebration.

I believe the true miracle is that we are part of God and this self that rests in God remains safe, healed and whole.

Nonetheless, my goodness, chronic illness can be tough and it is wonderful to feel better.

Wishing you the miracle healing to which you are entitled as a part of God's love.

But know too, that whatever your physical health, you are OK just as you are.
We are the Innocence, the Righteousness of God.
Nothing can change that.

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Wishing you health both within and beyond illness,


Katherine T Owen

Katherine T Owen runs this website - www.HealingCFSME.com.

She is author of Be Loved, Beloved (Read it in paperback at lulu.com or on kindle)

healing miracle

This page on miracle healing is a communication between Keith Milhench, a contributor to this website, and visitors to his page on Meditation Healing.

(Comments do not necessarily represent the views of the author of this healing website, Katherine T Owen.)

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Jan 16, 2013

Question by terry: Can I experience miracle healing?

I have tinnitus and some other health problems, one being I can't bend one of my fingers. I have had 3 operations for tendon trouble.

Do you think even this could be healed by a miracle of God?

Answer by: Keith Milhench

Dear Terry,
You ask... Can I experience miracle healing?


There is no order of difficulty in miracles

A Course In Miracles Principle 1: There is no order of difficulty in miracles is perfectly true.

However, the truth of the matter is that you have to invert your perception of the world and recognise that perfection is impossible to improve upon.

The real miracle here is that you are an aspect of God so incredibly powerful that you think you are able to mask your perfection with suffering, albeit unconsciously created.

There is no miracle healing in reality...only the recognition of an undeniable truth which is patiently waiting for your remembrance.

What you focus on becomes your reality.

On one level you seem helpless and tiny in a gigantic Universe.
Another reality is that you are awareness itself.
Another reality is that you are the head of an enormous corporation of particles, 200 trillion alone make up one cell.

Whether you like it or not you are in constant communication with all of these particles without even realising it.
They are also in constant communication with each other.
And they are self aware as we are,
... with full understanding of their relationships to each other,
... with full understanding of their roles in maintaining the existence of the organism of which they are a part.

The primary purpose of your cells is Health, which is why the body heals itself, however quickly or slowly.
We interrupt their function with unconscious belief patterns and negative focus, so healing can seem to be 2 steps forwards then 1 backwards.

By focusing on the negative aspects of a disorder we communicate our belief in it to the particles. This is not language based but is an emotional communication. Particles understand the vibrations of emotions and reflect them back to us in our experiences.

You may think it's all weird nonsense, but particles are nothing but holographic entities of light in their individual forms. We only seem like dense solid creatures because of our gigantic scale. What you are looking at is trillions upon trillions of particles casting shadows onto each other, creating the illusion of density.

I stress again: What you focus on becomes your reality.
Focus on wellness, rather than healing.
Healing is confirmation of an unreality. The Universe, plus everything in it, including your body, is a projection from your mind, from every mind. It is proof of the brilliant power of the mind. It will reflect back to you whatever you expect it to.

The body we see is nothing. It is a 3 dimensional hologram, the same as what you may consider to be a dream. It is another level of dreaming, but one where the environment, being based on Time, is slowed down to such an incredible rate that it creates the illusion of a solid reality.

Feb 12, 2012

Miracle healing tinnitus - a grateful response by: Penny

...how truly wonderful, Keith, to hear of your Miracle tinnitus healing, and that no matter how long we've had to suffer through 'time' with an ailment...miracle healing is always waiting for us.

A Miracle-a-Day will keep the Doctor away, until he's convinced of the truth and reality of quantum healing.

Doctors must be loved and admired for their compassion, so here's hoping towards a truly holistic healing paradigm for the medical profession.

I've just found you now after over ten years of chronic tinnitus.

I will now apply the process you suggest.
I imagine we do need to externalize and 'bust the rust' out of any misalignment within our Relationship with the Divine.

I've been a long time student of A Course In Miracles. I'm inspired to return to meditation healing visualization as a medicine for the soul, since the physical body is but a microcosm of our 'grand design'.

There is the consecrated imagination with its intense desire to heal in all of the arts and medical arts that we experience in the physical realm...

Then there is the more advanced sanctified imagination, that is truly in service, twinned with the Holy Spirit, in bringing about the miracle healing, that is both real and permanent.

I'm so grateful for you and your testimony;

Grace, peace, joy, and abundance in all things be known to you and all in the Sonship...

Thank you so much, with kind regards.

Reply to Penny on tinnitus miracle healing by: Keith

Dear Penny,

The miracle of our experience of limitation

It is interesting when you said that miracle healing is always waiting for us.

I think the Miracle is that we manage to use our unconscious mis-creating to cover up perfection with disorder!

The illusory dis-eases themselves are testament to man’s incredible ability to create and destroy according to his mis perceptions, expectations, beliefs, and feelings of self worth.
It made me realise that if that's what I am capable of in an unconscious state, IMAGINE WHAT I CAN DO FROM A STATE OF PURE PRESENCE!!

What does energy healing meditation achieve?

Energy healing meditation puts your mind into a state of expansive awareness; it widens your field of view, making you receptive to wider than normal frequencies of vibration and light.
It allows room for spirit to enter your being and carry out the necessary work of healing.

That was what happened with me. I now realise that the cogs and the mechanics I experienced were my mind’s interpretation of events which my conscious mind may not have understood.

Every particle of your being has consciousness

I have learned so much more now though Penny.
Now I know that every single particle of your being has a level of consciousness and awareness relative to its immediate surroundings and knows its responsibilities and function within its micro world. It accepts commands from higher up within the being and responds accordingly.

Future probabilities: to have a cold or not to have a cold?

For example: A cold is a thought form, as is everything. As such it has the same level of reality within this unreality as we do.

When an unconscious Human meets another with a cold they agree on a psychic level, influenced by a total belief in the physical body, that the cold is real and contagious.
Expectation and belief then flood through the being on a particle level which then send signals to nerve endings. These then fire light patterns off of their endings into the Ether which form future probabilities alongside your physical self.

One may be the person experiencing the cold, another may be that they do not. In between there will be probabilities displaying various levels of suffering.

The particles must respond to the beliefs of their host and therefore the more intense the belief and expectation of any condition and event, the more layers of depth and probability are added to the version of ones self being pulled into their field of awareness.

Tell your particles you want healing

You are the artist of your self. You are your own masterpiece.

You constantly add more layers of 'paint' to probable selves in order to draw experiences to your self.

If you can accept that truth, then understand too that you can communicate with your particles. Tell them you want healing! You are the head of a gigantic corporation of particle existence. Nothing happens within the field of awareness you are without this communication. All I am saying is understand it, and make it DELIBERATE!

Use a Healing visualization every day

You mentioned visualization: Use healing visualization to deliberately create a healthy version of you.
The more layers of paint you add, the more you will pull that version of your self into your field of awareness.
You have always done this... Again I say Make it DELIBERATE! Do it every day for just 2 minutes and watch what happens...

The purpose of life?

This existence is, in my view, a wonderful experience; an embryonic journey of discovery through the womb of God, where we can discover our true creative abilities, and the power of true cause and effect, with no danger to our actual reality.
How utterly incredible!

I KNOW you can heal your self. I am currently living in a house where everyone has the Flu. They are baffled as to why I haven't caught it, with no supplements, no potions.

I told them: Simple….I decided not to!

Much love and healing to you all.


I have just watched one of the Radical Remission broadcasts from Hay House. It is available to buy.

I wanted to make a note of the 2 survivors featured who credited their faith and their spiritual practice as key to their amazing recovery. One had  terminal ALS and one terminal cancer.

  • Charles Goodman Junior www.tbcaugusta.org - given a 2 year prognosis of death, he is still alive 19 years on.
  • Ken Hattan

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