Healing The Inner Child

What is Inner Child Healing?

Healing the inner child leads you to imagine the child you were at the time when your circumstances or your conclusions about yourself led to your growth being blocked.

You provide your inner child with the words and resources he, she or they need to hear.
Those blocks are then released and growth and healing take place.

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Sometimes it can be easier to express self love in a visualisation when you see yourself as a child. We can be hard on ourselves as adults, but we are more ready to see the innocence of a child.

By healing the inner child, you bring healing to the person you are today.

My experience of healing the inner child

In the year I had to stop work and was diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) I started doing exercises to nurture my inner child.

Prior to becoming housebound I was able to attend a workshop using the techniques of Louise Hay, and one run by Gill Edwards. The work of John Bradshaw gave additional insight into the psychological wounds we can take on in childhood. All these authors work with healing the inner child.

Below is a simple exercise for healing the inner child from loneliness.
Loneliness is common when living with chronic illness, whether the illness is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome /ME or any other.

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Many thanks. Katherine Owen.

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Exercise For Healing The Inner Child from Loneliness

Find a place and a time in which you can be quiet for 20 minutes.

Alternate reading the following lines with shutting your eyes to visualise (or imagine) what you are being asked to see.

This visualisation uses the pronoun 'she'. If you are male, or use the pronoun 'they' please change the word ‘she’ as you go through.

I become aware of my breathing.

I slowly become aware of my chest or my stomach moving out… and moving in.

I think of a present day or recent situation which upsets me around an issue of loneliness or abandonment.

For example, perhaps right now I feel a little lonely.

Or perhaps ‘when x does y’, I feel lonely.

Or perhaps it is when I am with a certain person that I feel alone.

I feel into any feeling of loneliness. I let this feeling be as it is.
Is there any sound or word which helps me to describe this feeling?
Is there a part of my body which I associate with loneliness.

(There are no wrong or right answers, and no answer is required.)

Now I imagine a younger version of myself who felt the same way. She also felt lonely or abandoned.

What age am I?

I picture myself at this age standing in front of me. The distance between us feels safe to her.

I bend down as needed so that my eyes are at the same level as those of this little me.

I introduce myself.

Talk to your inner child

'Hi there, I am you at an older age. I survived. I have come back to support you in this time when you need support.'

I find my own words to speak to my child self or I try out some of the following words.

I leave spaces for my child self to respond if she chooses to do so.

'It's OK to have the feelings you have when you feel alone.

It's OK to feel lonely.

It's OK to feel abandoned.

It's OK to want things to be different.

It's OK to need someone to be here with you.

I understand.

I am here with you.

Is there something I can give you to let you know that I am here with you – something that is our special symbol that I am here with you?”
(This is your internal world so you are able to give her whatever she wants if it is something good for her.)

I am here to tell you that this person not being here with you is about that person’s ability, it doesn't say anything about you.

What resource can I give you that helps you to draw a different conclusion about yourself?
(You might give her a resource of magical strength, self-worth, or an ability to see into the future and know that she will survive.)

Do you have anything you want to say to me? 
If you need to tell me, 'I feel lonely', you can do that."

 I see what my child self needs and I give her what she needs.

I see her receiving from me.

I spend as long as my child self needs to spend with me.

And now I see my child self becoming very small, and I pick her up and place in my heart.
She knows that she is always here with me and I am always here with her.

Whether I have done this visualisation with closed eyes or open eyes I know that I have allowed myself to feel a little more aware that I am here with myself.

Coming out of healing the inner child meditation...

When I am ready I become aware of my breath once again.

I breathe in.

I breathe out.

I become aware of the touch of my clothes on my skin.

I look at an object in the room or landscape around me.

I bring myself back to full waking consciousness. 

I feel good about myself. I have engaged in the loving act of brining healing to my inner child.

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