Alternative treatment for depression
to bring natural healing

This article considers the following alternative treatment for depression:

  • natural healing through supplementation
  • adaptation of behaviours
  • the acquisition of new coping skills.

These alternative healing approaches can be used in addition to taking antidepressants, or as a step in tackling depression and treatment without the use of drugs.

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The article is based on extracts from Peter Field's book, The Chi of Change.

Move here if you first want a definition of What is Depression? or click through if you first want to read Peter's views on possible causes of depression.

I will pass you over to psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and author, Peter Field to tell you more...

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The pharmaceutical model of treatment for depression

‘Antidepressants’ have been created in the belief that a lack of seratonin is the cause of depression.
Please see your Doctor if antidepressants are your treatment of preference.

Yet, in my view, there are many causes of depression. And so there are many alternative treatments for depression to match each of those causes or to address multiple causes.

Alternative treatment for depression

Believe in the light at the end of the tunnel

Depending on which of the depression causes (listed here) resonate with you, you might consider taking one or many of the following healing approaches:

1. Alternative treatment for depression caused by Illness

Treat the symptoms of the illness.
Get appropriate treatment, if available, to heal the illness.
Learn to manage the condition.

2. Alternative treatment for depression caused by the weather

If you suspect lack of light to be the depression cause then take a vitamin D3 oil-based supplement and use a full-spectrum light bulb or light table.

Spend time when possible outdoors during daylight hours.

Includes the essential amino acid Isoleucine which plays a pivotal role in the energy supply of muscle tissue

3. Alternative treatment for depression caused by nutritional deficiencies

If you suspect nutritional deficiencies as the depression cause then consider the following:

  • Eat regular meals
    If you are not eating consistently, and you are skipping meals, then eat something at specific times during the day, even if you aren't feeling hungry. (Note from Katherine T Owen. If you feel dizzy at times and need to eat frequently, consider a diet for hypoglycemia to maintain blood sugar levels.)
  • An adequate diet is essential. No vitamins or food supplements for depression can take the place of a good, balanced diet with healthy fresh food.
  • Take supplements for depression
    Include the following vitamins and other supplements for depression.

·        Additional EPA. This fatty acid is shown to be beneficial for people with depression. (Bourne, 2005; Martens, 2009; Parker et al. 2006)
·        Vitamin D3 (Hogberg et al.2012; Hoag et al. 2011)
·        Vitamin B12 (Teimer et al. 2002; Lindenbaum et al. 1998)
·        Folic acid (Zhao et al. 2011; Teimer et al. 2002)
·        Magnesium (Chouinard, 1990; Giannini, 2002)
·        SAMe (Mischoulon, 2002).

You might consider working with a nutritionist experienced in helping people with depression.

Nutritional supplements for depression are especially helpful when the body is depleted, or is incapable of absorbing sufficient amounts of certain nutrients through food. (The most accurate way to determine this is through blood tests.)

Nutritional supplements for depression are best used only in the preliminary stages of recovery.

4. Alternative treatment for depression caused by food sensitivities

Check for food sensitivities through an elimination diet.

During an elimination diet  you systematically eliminate and then reintroduce items such as wheat, dairy, etc. Observe any changes in mood.

5. Alternative treatment for depression caused by Environmental toxins

  • Clean mould (mold) from windows with a solution of soap, water and vinegar.
  • Use an air purifier – especially in the bedroom.

(Katherine Owen, webmaster: If you find you are worse around chemicals, consider that you may have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). Symptoms of MCS can include depression - they do for me.)

General advice for coping with depression (and for life in general!)

Alternative treatment when the cause of depression is non physical

1. Change your life circumstances

Where possible, change any circumstance which you believe to be the cause of depression:

For example, if you are unhappy with your living arrangements, look for different accommodation.

Such changes may come at a cost. It may well mean giving up something you would rather keep – a sense of the familiar, for example.

2. What if you can do nothing about the depression cause in your life?

What if the depression cause lies within your life circumstances and yet there is nothing you can do about it?

For example, if you are on this website, perhaps the depression cause is one of the following:

  • The pain and symptoms of a chronic illness with no treatment and no cure.
  • You may be dependent on other people and not have the choice to leave people you find difficult.
  • Perhaps housing is a problem, but mobility issues or other health restrictions limit your options to move house.

There are many reasons why you may not be able to change the circumstances which are the cause of depression.

There are some things in life that we have to learn to cope with. Maybe that means we will have to deal with feelings of real unhappiness from time to time – and those times might last far too long for our liking.

If you are experiencing depression, you need to nurture yourself and take care of your own emotional needs and emotional healing. You must put yourself first. You will need courage and stoicism.

If you have a close friend or understanding relative, they can be invaluable in helping you to bear the load.

If no such person is available, then a counsellor can be of enormous help.

There is an upcoming article on 'hypnosis for depression' for more advice on what to do when you can't change the depression cause within your life circumstances.

Note from webmaster, Katherine T Owen:

An important first step in coping with depression is to reach some level of acceptance. Acceptance allows you to say "OK, I have a problem now.
I feel depressed.
It's OK for me to feel this way.
It's OK for me to seek help."

Thank you so much to Peter for his article.

Whether you choose take antidepressants, use alternative treatment for depression
...or to use a combination of the two,
I wish you patience and self love in the moment when depression is with you,
and a speedy journey into lighter, brighter times.

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