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With time I will include on this page a link to specific forums where you can give your views on such things as treatments or the role of spirituality in your healing journey. Until then, please scroll down and share your comment in the box on this page.

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Katherine T Owen, Spiritual Author and webmaster, person living with CFS /ME (#PWME)

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Do you have a comment about your own healing journey? Did you resonate with one of the healing articles? Or perhaps you have an experience of living with chronic illness that you would like to share. I would really value your views.

What Other Visitors Have Said

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Social distancing healing online community for women 
Hello, I am Silvia, a women's supporter and Healing Facilitator. This is a challenging time for all of us as the Human Race, and I want to contribute …

Desperate don't know why I am ill 
Hi. I have been a very active person all my life until about 1 year ago. I can barely do anything anymore and i don't know why. I've been to many docs. …

Coping with severe fatigue 
Thank you so much for your healing words on this site. ME/CFS is such a lonely disease and so debilitating. For me, when I am severely fatigued, …

person with ME/CFS harmed by pet treatment 
Permethrin side-effects on a person with ME/CFS. A natural non toxic alternative for pet treatment of fleas on a dog I want to share some information …

Healing my body, baby steps 
Baby steps to healing is ok! I am 56 years old. My journey to recognizing, accepting and taking my first step toward healing my body began two years …

Healing Prayer Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ME Fibro 
Dear Katherine, please may I be included in the healing prayer? I have CFS/ME, fibromyalgia, hypothyroid amongst other chronic conditions and would be …

Poem for a friend having a hard time 
We all face things in life that leave us feeling lost, alone, scared or unloved. So with that in mind - To all my friends and family, for whatever life …

Oxygen Treatment CFS 
Hi Katherine, Other visitors with CFSME might be interested to hear about the Oxygen Treatment I am having at the hyperbaric chamber at the Swindon …

ME Diet and Weight Gain 
Big thanks to Mark for this comment on diet for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and weight gain. I have added in the links, so you can find the articles he …

At the April 2015 Lyme Conference in Hoofddorp, Netherlands, the renowned dr. Dietrich Klinghardt gave a talk on the latest findings that suggest that …

Poems about Alzheimer's  
Often it is not the one who has Alzheimer’s who enters onto a healing journey so much as their carer, caregiver or loved one. Emotional healing is needed …

Healing Alzheimer's 
I am no expert on healing Alzheimer's and dementia. But, like many of you, I have a family member who is affected with dementia. Last year, I read …

Relationships and chronic progressive illness 
Note from Katherine T Owen: The letters ALS, referred to in this review, stand for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. ALS is also known as "Lou Gehrig's …

Recovery from CFS, CFIDS, ME 
I got hit with CFS really strongly. I was a couple months (if that) from being institutionalized. I was able to go on to experience recovery from CFS... …

CFS Story of living with it 
Self acceptance, volunteer social contact, limited ongoing exercise I determined at my sickest I would not be stopped from walking. From one block …

Protein powder for CFS/ME 
Hi I'm really interested in the protein powder you used thank you! Reply from Katherine T Owen: Thank you Laura. I have switched from my original …

Nature of Reality 
New Book on Spontaneous Healing (read by many students of ACIM) Anyone wanting to read an excellent testimonial book on spontaneous / spiritual healing, …

Helping a child with adhd 
Helping a child with ADHD I had a child with ADHD– severe, and dyslexia who has gone on to become brilliant, achieved everything she set her mind to …

Borrelia Babesia infection misdiagnosed 
My M.E.specialized doctor Paul van Meerendonk(Netherlands) finds that 50% of the(M.E.patient) blood samples he sends to Infectolab in Augsburg Germany …

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