person with ME/CFS harmed by pet treatment

by Sabina

Permethrin side-effects on a person with ME/CFS. A natural non toxic alternative for pet treatment of fleas on a dog

I want to share some information which might be important for the health of other people with ME/CFS.

Last year in december I had to leave the rooms I live in in Germany because our little dog was treated with a medicament against flea in the fur.

The medicament containing Permethrin was put on as an add-on on the fur. The chemical remains there for months, you can’t wash it out and the dog puts it everywhere in the flat where she lays down.

I didn’t know that the medicament kills parasites using the contagious toxin Permethrin. The toxin attacks the nervous system of the parasites. Unfortunately it attacked my nervous system as well.

I did some research and found out that some doctors think Permethrin is the cause of Gulf War Syndrome, which has similar symptoms to ME/CFS.

The half-value period for Permethrin is 49 days.

Symptoms from exposure to the chemical

In the first night I didn’t feel my arms and legs anymore.
I had nausea every morning and evening and night at home, getting better during day work in my office - it was unbearable and a downward spiral.
Finally I had to stay away from my home for weeks.

After my return I contacted the animal doctor and the enterprise Bayer, which produces the medicament used – Advantix – as well as other medicaments containing Permethrin. They told me they will put a statement on the package insert and warn ME/CFS patients of possible harm– hopefully they will.

If you have a dog at home and you have ME/CFS or other difficulties with your nervous system, I strongly suggest that you don’t use a medicament containing Permethrin.

A natural non toxic alternative for pet treatment of fleas on a dog

Our dog is healthy now, we just put coconut fat into the fur and coconut flakes into the food and she loves it!

Note from Katherine T Owen
Thank you so much Sabina for this information.
Some people with ME/CFS also live with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.
(I find the name MCS a little misleading as it doesn't mean you necessarily have problems– it can be just a few.)

I wonder if you have MCS? Or perhaps, as you say, the treatment for pet fleas contains a chemical that is difficult for anyone with a sensitive nervous system.

For myself, finding out that I had MCS made a huge difference to the ME/CFS symptoms. I cut out or down on normal household products such as washing detergent and shampoo and experienced a significant reduction in symptoms.

If anyone with ME/CFS is reading your comment because they have symptoms from a chemical treatment it is worth their while taking a few easy measures around the home to see if they lead to an improvement in health.

Click here to read more about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Thank you again. I am sure your information has helped someone to avoid this chemical and its effects.

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