CFS Story of living with it

by Geoff
(Hamilton, ON, Canada)

Self acceptance, volunteer social contact, limited ongoing exercise

I determined at my sickest I would not be stopped from walking. From one block out and back, my curiosity led me to a dozen blocks and more.

I joined a 12-step group from which I learned of the conflicts I had absorbed, and that self-acceptance released a sustained lift in energy and withheld emotions.

I pursued identity re-definition through a volunteer role I've developed over 15 years.

My health grows increasingly defined by multi-factoral issues, but I look forward at 64 to positively using and enjoying the decades, or years, left to pursue identity, self-worth, blessings for others, and the innate pleasures unique to my experience and dreams.

Note from Katherine T Owen

Dear Geoff,
Thank you for your encouraging message.

I just want to point out to visitors that although you say “I would not be stopped from walking” you also include the words “limited ongoing exercise”. I know how easy it is for people with CFS/ME to want to do more than is right for their level of health. I don't want to encourage someone to push through the symptoms although I know how tempting it is to do so.

However, I totally agree that finding the “right level” of ongoing exercise can be so important for maintaining health and improving chances of CFS recovery. (When I was very ill that ongoing exercise was sitting up to be fed a meal.)

How wonderful that you are undertaking emotional healing. I have a daily commitment to doing so.

I love your term “identity re-definition”. We can find it so hard when illness does not allow us to play the roles we previously played. Finding new roles is a fabulous step to take.

I am so delighted with your improved health. And I just love your last sentence in which you affirm that with or without health you are finding beauty and purpose in your life.

Thank you again for letting us know about your healing,
With the Love we are,

tags: alternative healing, emotional, purpose, identity, self-worth, experience, blessings

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