Spiritual Healing Book

by True Alisandre
(Hot Springs, AR. - USA)

True Alisandre, ERYT in Lotus

True Alisandre, ERYT in Lotus

New Book on Spontaneous Healing (read by many students of ACIM)

Anyone wanting to read an excellent testimonial book on spontaneous / spiritual healing, check out: DYING TO BE ME by Anita Moorjani, published by Hay House.

It is about a cancer healing that has oncologists baffled!

Note from www.HealingCFSME.com

Dear True,
Thank you for your recommendation of Anita Moorjani. (And for including your photograph– lovely to see you.)
I have just listened to and very much enjoyed Anita Moorjani’s Tedex talk.

I relate to and love Anita Moorjani’s metaphor of shining a beam in a Warehouse, believing that what we see is all there is, only to have a spiritual experience that shows us the expansiveness (and interconnectiveness) of who we are.

It is also amazing to the mind that she was in the very last stages of cancer – in a coma and expected to die that day–yet after the spiritual experience, spiritual healing took place and the illness evaporated.
Her healing is a powerful reminder that we are not the body and that, as A Course In Miracles (ACIM) says, “There is no order of difficulty in miracles”.

Her words have triggered me to sit here, touching joy, reconnecting with the many many spiritual experiences I have had that show me the same Oneness and expansiveness.
I have experienced a number of miracle healings from symptoms through various different alternative healing therapies, yet interestingly I also still experience myself as living with chronic illness.

Our lessons and our service to the world are all different.

Whatever our level of health, we are Light and Oneness.
In knowing this, we are helping.

Thank you again.
With the Love we are,

Katherine T Owen

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Nature of reality - the body

by Frank

A Not-So-Grim Reaper

Child of Mine, you are merely mistaken. You look upon bodies and think that one of them is your own. It is not so. For I do not create the perishable. All that I have created is like Myself. I create by extending Myself as What You Are. How could you be something visible when I am not? How could you be a body when I am Spirit? Is it possible you can die when I cannot?

Think clearly and anew about these things. Cling not to the teachings of the world. It knows nothing. It merely perceives. And what it perceives is mostly error and has nothing to do with Me or You.

Child of Mine, be not fearful. The Spirit that You Are has not left Me. You remain within Me and I in You. Our Oneness provides You with Eternal Life.

Let Me comfort you with the Truth for only Truth can bring comfort that is eternal. Fear not the mirror that speaks of the advancing age of the body. Fear not the doctor’s somber pronouncements of your waning physical health. You are not physical! You are Mine and fully protected by My Love which is the only true Power. There is no power that can oppose Me and our Oneness.

What the grim reaper reaps is not You. It seems to be you and the world says that it is you. Yet, who or what could know You better than your Creator?

What the grim reaper reaps is like so much straw. You have loved it for awhile and fear you’re losing it. I understand. I understand. Still, can you weep at the loss of straw when you have everything of value, when You Are everything there Is that is truly valuable?

I understand that you are not ready to accept these teachings. In fact, they frighten you. So be it. When you feel less attached to the world and the body, acceptance will come. You will see this world and everything in it as a dream and your self as the dreamer. And you will decide to awaken to Me and to your true Self. Then will you know Peace and Joy forever.

Fear not the grim reaper. For your Father does not reap but merely sows Love.


This spiritual piece came to me during a single period of contemplation or meditation. I had no intention to write that day but it just came after I had reached a rather profound state of peacefulness.

Realizing that it was both powerful and extremely tender, I took it down in pencil.

Later, I would provide paragraphing, capitalization, punctuation etc.

The influence of both ACIM and Truth Teachings seems clear to me.

Blessings and be well.

Note from HealingCFSME.com

Dear Frank,
How lovely to receive this as the first submission to HealingCFSME.com.

Yes, it is wonderfully A Course In Miracles (ACIM).
It also reminds me of Letters from the Source by Jack Armstrong - lovely man and book.
Lately, after over 2 decades of living with chronic illness, I have got in touch with and released some shame I felt at the time when the body first struggled to do 'normal' things. I believe this sense of shame to be common to many of those living with illness or injury.

Our self image is so identified with the body and what we are able to do. It can be such a shock to lose that.

Your words of spiritual encouragement are a lovely reminder of the essence of true healing– the knowledge of our eternal and unchanging connection with God.

With the Love we are, Katherine

Katherine T Owen

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