Protein powder for CFS/ME

by Laura

Hi I'm really interested in the protein powder you used thank you!

Reply from Katherine T Owen:

Thank you Laura.

I had been recommending a protein drink but have deleted the page as it the drink contained sucralose. Whilst I had read that was safe, I have now read someone's opinion that it may not be safe. I don't want to risk recommending something that may not be good for people.

I will continue drinking the Vi drink as I am happy to do so and will then investigate one I can recommend.

If I have done so, will post it here.

I do find a meal replacement really handy when energy is low for preparing a meal.

If I am going out I just take some protein powder in a beaker and add water when I need a meal. (Normally I add coconut milk - they recommend semi skimmed.)

Thank you for your visit, Laura.
I wish you better every day,

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