Borrelia Babesia infection misdiagnosed

by Fred Spronk

My M.E.specialized doctor Paul van Meerendonk(Netherlands) finds that 50% of the(M.E.patient) blood samples he sends to Infectolab in Augsburg Germany are infected with Lyme (borrelia) and /or a tick co-infection.

I just read that Katrina Tang of Sierra Integrative Medicine Clinic in Reno Nevada U.S.A. estimates that 90% of ME/CFS.cases are in fact Lyme(=borreliosis).

I also read that Lyme specialists like dr.Dietrich Klinghardt suspect that over 50% of the general population in the U.S.A.already carry latent Borrelia in their blood.
For Europe,estimates are over 10%.

These bacteria are also implicated in

It has been called the "end of the antibiotic era".

The Borrelia spirochetes are not only transmitted by ticks but also possibly by
certain flies,
poorly cooked meat,
maybe even airborne(saliva etc.).

Conventional hospital tests are thoroughly unreliable(55%).

I thought I was suffering from M.E, for 19 years but it proved to be a Borrelia/Babesia co-infection which has devastated my brain,body and feeling.It remains to be seen how much of this damage can be repaired.

This is not to scare anyone but to present a possibly overlooked diagnosic and treatment option,although it doesn't change the spiritual and psychological roads to recovery.

Greetings Fred Spronk Nijmegen Netherlands

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Correction about Lyme and ME connection
by: Fred Spronk

Hi Katherine,
As I'm maybe heading for the finish line (Katherine: Dear Fred, what does this mean?) i want to correct unfinished business:

My comment on the Lyme and ME connection does some injustice to my doctor Paul van Meerendonk, who already insisted in 2011 that I should take a lyme test in Augsburg.

However,my stubbornness and the expenses of the test and my reliance on bio-energetic alternative testing made me say no.

So i want to say that he is in no way responsible for a "misdiagnosis'. In fact he was probably one of the first doctors in europe to find the Lyme ME connection.

Last: the Katrina Tang quote is a misquote,not entirely my fault,but copied from a magazine; i found out later that it concerned a pilot study by an american Lyme organization in which 19 out of 22 M.E./CFS patients turned out to have Lyme. But i can't retrace it anymore,my energy and time are limited.

Best to you


Lyme disease epidemic Europe
by: Fred Spronk

At the Invintro Lyme Conference(10-11th April 2015 Hoofddorp, Netherlands)Dr.Kathrin Anselm of the Paracelsus Clinic presented the stunning fact that 90% of HEALTHY German and Swiss farmers showed postive bloodtests on Borrelia(Lyme).You know the farmers'life, maybe they work 12 hours a day...
What does this tell us?
1)Lyme is spreading like wildfire. There is a Lyme disease epidemic in Europe.

2)ticks are probably not the only transmitter(vector)

3)whether someone stays completely healthy,gets ill or even dies doesn't depend on the Lyme itself.Lifestyle,EM exposure, psychological and spiritual factors come into view.

4) conventional medicine lags a zillion years behind.They work with 1980's data.

Best wishes Fred Spronk Nijmegen

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