Coping with severe fatigue

by Beth B.
(Manchester, NH)

Thank you so much for your healing words on this site. ME/CFS is such a lonely disease and so debilitating.

For me, when I am severely fatigued, I don't care what I have planned, I stop. Flat out tell myself to go to bed.

Lots of fluids because it seems that it is all I have the strength to do.

In the morning when I wake, I take vitamin B & D.

I usually pull out of it after a couple of days.
Before I started to do this, I was in bed an entire month. It has not happened since I started to listen to my body and do what it is asking.

Be Well, Beth B.

ps please add my name to the prayer list for ME/CFS.

Note from Katherine
Dear Beth,
Thank you so much for taking the time, energy and muscle use to tell us what works for you.

It is wonderful you have found a way to improve your health and quality of life so dramatically.

Can I ask as a fellow person with ME (PWME), is it an "effort" to go to bed until you feel better. Do you have to make yourself stay there. Are you able to sleep when you have severe fatigue?

For myself, I take mini breaks throughout the day and use guided meditations and spiritual quotes, but even when living with very severe ME/CFS, lying in bed with an unoccupied mind required great discipline on my part.

No need to answer if it is too effortful.

Thank you again for your comment,

Peace be with you in your resting and in your activity periods :-)

You are now on the prayer list.

Katherine (T Owen)

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Coping with staying in bed due to fatigue
by: Beth B.

Thank you for question:
I prepare myself for spending time in bed due to fatigue.

I put my pills, fluids, creation box which inludes my stencils, 3 journals, color pencils, pens, stamp pads, by my bed. Smartphone so to plug into webpages such as this. Television which includes; Netflix, Soft music. Whatever is going to help me get through it.
When I get to the point of exhaustion, I try not to fight it. I've ruined myself trying in the past.
My partner knows when I say, I'm done, I have to go to bed. He understands completely. He's disappointed, feels bad but he deals with it just as I do.
Sometimes I get so angry at this disease (ME/CFS), I want of get out of myself but I can't. On the other hand I am glad there is an answer to why I feel the way I do.

For me, websites like this one and M.E. Global group support is key.

Katherine replies
Ah thank you so much for your reply and your appreciation of this healing website - so good to know it helps.

"creation box" - I love that you call it that.
Isn't it such a blessing that in the middle of it all we can allow creativity to flow through us?

I get the impression that it does indeed require a certain discipline on your part not to fight the fatigue - a need to remind yourself that it is an approach that does not work - I relate!

It takes discipline too perhaps to relax around the anger rather than let it interfere with your 'job' of resting.

When symptoms get strong, as they do at some point most days, I do emotional healing techniques to relax around fear, frustration and 'not liking'.

Because I was bedbound with ME/CFS for so long I think the fatigue takes me back into harder times. I engage in healing methods to bring me into the present moment. Yes, I have fatigue. And YES, it will pass!

It is easy to forget to give ourselves credit for all we do so well to celebrate life in the midst of it.
It sounds like you are finding wonderful ways to cope with the fatigue.

With love and admiration,

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