Healing Alzheimer's Poem

by julie stell croxton
(N Little Rock, AR - USA)

Often it is not the one who has Alzheimer’s who enters onto a healing journey so much as their carer, caregiver or loved one. Emotional healing is needed to cope with the changes that take place.

Thank you to Julie for this moving carer's poem, expressing the pain of making decisions on behalf of one who can no longer make decisions for themselves.
God bless you Julie and give you strength,

(Katherine T Owen, webmaster)

My Mother, My Friend

I come to you Lord with fear in my heart.
I hope what I'm doing is not wrong–
It's just a new start.

A new city, a new place,
A new home and new friends.
Leaving behind the familiar–
What she has known,
What has been.

Help ease my heart Lord
And settle her mind
That the future we face
Will be gentle and kind.

So many unknowns to meet and to fight
Help me face them with courage Lord.
Help me do what is right.

I will not abandon her
I will never say never.
I remember my promise
“For worse or for better”.

Together we stay right till the end–
This person without memory
My Mother, My Friend....

(c)julie stell croxton

The Alzheimer's in my life on Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day Mom
I miss you a lot
I still see glimpses of you
now and then
Of the mom I used to know
But my mother you're not
You were happy and kind
This person I once knew
But now you're angry and hurtful
Mom, this just isn't you
I wish you could come back to me
From wherever you've gone
Your bodies still here with me
Only the shell of who you used to be
Continues to live on...
I Love You Mom

by julie stell croxton

tags: alzheimers, carers poem, caregiver poem, healing

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God Bless You
by: Donna

Julie you have such a wonderful way with words, you know what is in our hearts.
Bless you (for your poem about Alzheimer's)

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Alzheimers Poem

by Julie Stell Croxton
(N Little Rock, AR USA)

It comes without warning
no sound, no sign.
The person I know
has again been left behind.

In place of my mother
is someone unknown
A vicious, hurtful person
has invaded my home.

As I hang on
and the abuse passes me by
I know the person she was
is still somewhere inside.

So I wait and remember
how life used to be
When she once knew who I was
when she once could see me.

This change doesn't occur
each and everyday
When she knows who I am
she will hug me and say
"I love you Julie, for all that you do,
I know I wouldn't be here today
if it wasn't for you."

How do you fight something so horrific
that cannot be seen
As it hides in the shadows
it's intent to demean?

I pray everyday
that there will soon come a time
When Alzheimer's is vanquished
and this suffering has been left behind.....

by julie stell croxton


In Loving Memory of Dolly Stell
March 3, 1934 - Oct 24, 2016

The Time has Come to Say Goodbye

The time has come to say goodbye
and send me on my way
My heart may have stopped
My soul may have fled
but I'll see you again someday.

As the years go by
you will be less sad
you'll think less and less of me
Time marches on
you will live your life
You know I'm right, you'll see.

So in the end don't grieve for me
when I come to mind
I lived and loved you very much
and I pray you did in kind.

In my life I was good and bad
I told a lie or three
But when he died upon that cross
from my sin he set me free.

My mind is clear
But the things I hold most dear
Are the feelings of peace
here at God's feet
and the face of my love
who waits for me here...

by Julie Stell Croxton copyrighted


My Life Now to Live is Mine

There is nothing I must do
There is nowhere I should be
No one left in my life
To answer to but me.

Alone I watch the sun's light
Or gaze at starlit skies
No one around to care or see
If my heart breaks or dies.

I was once unstoppable and fearless
My determination made me strong
Now I'm frightened, afraid to end alone.
My life I lived for someone else
But I know it wasn't wrong.

I did what I said I would do
But how high and at what cost?
The love and happiness I might have found
Left in the dust and lost.

The time has come and gone so fast
It's left me in its wake
My life now mine to live at last
Lies written in the past....

by Julie Stell Croxton copyrighted


Note from webmaster at www.HealingCFSME.com
Dear Julie,
Julie's powerful poems were submitted over a period of time. They are a testament to the love of all those who care for someone with Alzheimers.

Caregivers also need to engage in healing methods to sustain themselves through the challenges of caring for someone.

To any caregivers who are visiting the website, thank you for all you do.

With Love,
Katherine (T Owen)

healing alzheimers, caring for someone with alzheimers, healing poems, illness

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love the poem about Alzheimers
by: ila

beautiful poem

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A Poem about Death Faith and Mother Daughter bond

by julie stell croxton
(Conway, AR)

This poem was submitted by Julie many years after the other ones. Although it is not on the topic of Alzheimers, I have published it.

The poem touches me with its sense of a relationship that was retained regardless of the Alzheimers. I enjoy the acceptance of and lack of fear of death inherit within its words.

My Mother's Hands

My Mother's Hands
Tired and old
still at last
Calloused and scarred
their lines marking the past.
A life long lived
the heart time worn
friends and family gone now
but my faith's been reborn.
The years have raced past
but they all left their mark
with every age spot and wrinkle
each one tells a part.
The life that we led
can be seen in our hands
so hold them a moment
maybe then you'll understand.
Alone and tired
at the end of a life
My mother's hands and mine?
They both look alike.
After my life
and the eulogies and songs have been sung
We will stand there together
where the old are now young.
We will look back and reminisce
on the lives that we led
And I will reach out and hold
my mother's hands once again....
by julie stell croxton

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