Healing my body, baby steps

by Rachel

Baby steps to healing is ok!

I am 56 years old. My journey to recognizing, accepting and taking my first step toward healing my body began two years ago.

Unable to remedy tight dry facial skin, my internet searches led me to oil cleansing rather than using soap. Even with limited success with oil cleansing, I had caught the “natural” bug and became a voracious reader for the next year.

Health is a VERY complex subject and is subjective. Being what I believe to be the average American, living the average unhealthy lifestyle, I now knew enough to consider “Health” was beyond my reach but I decided I would start small.

56 years of exposure to toxins, antibiotic, vaccines, stress, and a poor diet. Needs a lot of repair.

Fortunately I have never been an all or nothing sort of person. One small step toward health counts.


Sit outside for 5 minutes with eye closed and listen to your surroundings!

With commitment and determination, one step leads to another and another!

A Healing Diet

Changing diet will continue to be a challenge for me. Aiming for non GMO, organic, fresh food sources is the goal.

Balancing family needs,

finding sources, and cost of products takes a lot of planning.
I am ready to take on the food issue. My baby step will be fruity and green juices.

Natural healing for depression

I had chronic moderate depression for approximately 10 years.
I have been on medications for 9 years. My goal is to get off all of them!!

With enough research I was confident olive leaf extract would not interfere with my medication. Soooo, my baby step was olive leaf extract.

I now have been on olive leaf for 1 year. I am vigilant about taking the olive leaf. I have had noticeable improvements with the following and other symptoms

bowel function,

blood pressure,

brain fog,

weight(lost 14 pounds)


Healing through exercise

I have a mini trampoline, rowing machine, and an incline bench. I don’t have a disciplined routine for the equipment.

My advice for alternative healing? DO IT!

My journey is at MY pace. I may not live longer but I know as long as I have control to continue my choices I have made, I will feel better and be optimistic about what’s to come.

Make a leap of faith! YOU can do it! You can get on track!

It’s okay, be kind to yourself! That is not failure!

Be proud of what you HAVE done and jump right back on that track!

My only wish for this mass of public health information available today is that there were more directed toward the beginners.

Building the backbone of health with nature has got to be incorporated with traditional medicine. That will be a journey for generations to come. Till then, eat an apple, take a walk, and keep reading❤️

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Comment from Katherine Owen, webmaster
Rachel – I just wanted to say thank you for your healing article and your words of encouragement. Fabulous!

It’s so true. It’s the little we do each day towards healing the body that makes the difference.

I sometimes forget all the alternative healing methods (and spiritual practice) that I build into each day.

If anyone is the same, take this moment to appreciate all you do to nurture your health. Receive my thanks and appreciation - You are doing so many things wonderfully.

Keep going.

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