by Fred Spronk

At the April 2015 Lyme Conference in Hoofddorp, Netherlands, the renowned dr. Dietrich Klinghardt gave a talk on the latest findings that suggest that infection with intestinal parasites is the primary cause that depletes us and makes us susceptible for Lyme disease and many other chronic conditions and/or prevents full healing of those. In particular, he presented the research of Gubarev, Volinsky and colleagues on the "rope worm", a colon anaerobic worm that can reach a size of over 3 feet, but also smaller specimens may migrate to small intestines, sinuses, gall bladder etc. Latin name: Funis Vermis. Gubarev and volinsky state that they have never seen a chronic patient who didn't pass these worms eventually, sometimes after months of enemas.

Thousands of people have reported passing live rope worms with enemas. Regular hospital medical care says they are just pieces of faeces with intestinal lining.
At first it looked like they were indeed composed of human DNA, but later DNA-sequencing showed a 98% match with an insect, the Caribbean Seed Bug. There seems a connection with GMO grains and pesticides like Round Up. Currently funding is raised for a Rope Worm Genome Project.

In the interest of keeping this story short, I can only say that in my opinion this is a major key to all chronic issues, especially when you have digestive complaints like too little stomach acid, bloating, flatulence and constipation, because the worm extracts its nutrients from our faeces through osmosis. However, it has suction cups too, so when you fast, they may extract blood from your colon wall.

You can google "rope worms", YouTube "rope worms"by Alex Volinsky a. o. , "Gubarev protocol + enemas", Klinghardt anti-parasite protocol, etc. and other forums offer testimonies and pictures.

I am too weak for enemas, tried one and nearly died, but i have excreted a lot of dubious material with faeces.

Moreover, ever since I heard this news, I use bioresonance tablets by the Dutch company DNH Research called Multiplant Vermica, and my colon is making noises 24/7 now.

It is imperative not to kill these worms with heavy chemical means, since they are loaded with aluminium, heavy metals, smaller parasites, bacteria etc. so their decomposing bodies in your gut would make you ten times as ill.

I hope someone will benefit from this, as i'm convinced this is a major breakthrough.
We have to face the fact that our food chain and water supplies are becoming increasingly toxic to us and friendly to the bugs, etc.

This doesn't rule out psychological and spiritual healing, but as Ken and Treya Wilber pointed out in their eighties' article" Do we make ourselves sick?", we can best start at clearing the physical level as much as possible before engaging in "higher" levels.
Good luck
Fred Spronk Nijmegen Netherlands

PS. Credits to Paul van Meerendonk, M.E./C.F.S and Lyme literate physician of Epe, Netherlands,who was the host of the April Lyme conference.

tags: lyme disease, rope worm, research, chronic illness

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