Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Prayer -
for ME Awareness and to ease loneliness

This is the fourth article on CFS and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis prayer. Please join your mind with all who visit here.

On this page I primarily use the term Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (Over time, I have been given this diagnosis, the diagnosis of CFS  and have been mapped for Fibromyalgia).
Please feel free to adapt the prayers to include the diagnosis you have been given.

Contents for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis prayer

  • Prayer for wise media coverage for ME/CFS
  • Prayer for guidelines that accurately represent the needs of a person with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/CFS.
  • Prayer to ease loneliness in a time of chronic illness
  • Prayer to be at peace with abandonment or loneliness in your past.

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CFS /Myalgic Encephalomyelitis prayer for positive ME Awareness

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis prayer for wise media coverage

Dear God,

We pray for journalists in the media.
Guide journalists to be wise and compassionate in their writing about the ME/CFS community.
Guide them to do their research.
We see them experiencing the satisfaction of accurate representation.

We pray for all those of us with ME/CFS who are on social media.
Let us share information which allows people to meet those with this chronic illness with compassion and understanding.

We see the power of words changing lives for the better.

Any time we feel we are sending out frustration at media coverage, we honour that feeling of frustration and then choose to the best of our ability to send a blessing.

We hold a vision for a world that accurately represents this chronic illness.

We see a world in which our emotional health is eased by accurate communication and the receiving of appropriate understanding and support.

Thank you.


Myalgic Encephalomyelitis prayer for guidelines

Dear God,

We pray for all those involved in the compilation of guidelines such as the NICE guidelines.

Guide them in all wisdom. Thank you.


bible prayer to ease loneliness

Prayer to ease loneliness in a time of chronic illness

Dear All that is,
It can feel so lonely to feel ill.
I would like someone to be here with me.
Or perhaps someone is here with me but I feel lonely with them.
I can’t say how ill I feel because they might be bored of hearing it.
Or they might tell me to be positive.
Or they might tell me I am complaining about nothing and I would feel more lonely.
Sometimes, even I don’t like hearing myself noticing the symptoms!
Guide me to give myself the understanding I need.
Bring into my life someone who soothes me with their understanding.

My God, I place any symptoms I have on your altar.
I place any loneliness I feel about those symptoms on your altar.
I don’t know how to feel OK in this situation, but I am doing my best to create a space in the clutter of my mind and to invite you in.
I am willing to have a sense of my oneness with you.
I am willing to know myself to be at one with every living thing.

Speak to my mind, God. Speak to my heart.
Let me know your love for me.
Give me a sense that you are here with me.
Give me the strength I need for this moment, and the next 5 minutes, and the day ahead.
Thank you that you are the Love behind all things.
Thank you that I am and always will be a part of you.

To the best of my ability, I let go of my sense of separation. I let go of my littleness.
I affirm my connection with you, my unity with you, my wholeness in you.
I am yours.

I remember also that I am not alone in this experience of loneliness.
Others are reading and relating to this prayer. 

I ask that my prayer brings you more deeply not only into my own life
but more deeply into the lives of all who have or will pray this prayer with me,
and into the life of anyone I think of now.
We are one.

Please help them.
Please help me

Thank you.


A prayer to feel at peace if there are those who have left your life in a time of severe chronic illness

For those who have chosen to play a smaller part in my life or leave my life since it included chronic illness,
I honour any feeling of grief that arises.
I cultivate a safe environment in which I find the courage and stability to feel this grief.
I can feel this grief AND receive God's love.
I can feel this grief AND have a sense of God's presence.
I can feel this.
I can feel this.

For any loneliness felt in the early days of illness....
For any past loneliness. ..
I speak healing into those memories.
I speak a healing sense of connection into my life.

I send a blessing to someone from my past I think of now.

Lead me to be at peace with my past.

Lead me to be at peace with the possibility of a future
abundantly exceeding a past situation.

For myself and all who read this.
Thank you.

Thank you so much for praying one of these prayers for Myalgie Encephalomyelitis / CFS support.

Your time, your voice, your faith - small or big - are so appreciated.

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Wishing you health both within and beyond illness,


Katherine T Owen

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