How to Hope for Healing

This article on How to Hope for Healing shares a question by a visitor and answers by the website owner Katherine T Owen and guest contributor Keith Milhench.

The visitor's question was in response to Keith's Guided Healing Meditation Script.

hope for healing

Contents of How to Hope for Healing

  • Healing prayer to find purpose in illness
  • Feel any feelings of despair
  • Release judgment on any feeling of despair for healing
  • The connection between stress and illness
  • Switch your focus from symptoms to an image of health

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A visitor's comment:

Hi, I came across Keith's story of tinnitus healing by chance!
I was moved by both Katherine's and Keith's understanding of ill health.

At this point having had tinnitus for 8 weeks I am not sure whether it is due to chronic ear infection which I was unaware of until December, or the stress of my personal and work life.

I have a faith in the God who heals but I also believe that illness is a symptom of a disconnect with something be it called the divine, the universe, whatever.

An issue I experience is those moments I lose hope that I will be well again.

I suppose my question is how do I hope for healing and minimise the moments of despair.

Your thoughts and prayers [for healing tinnitus] would be appreciated


Replies to the question are below.
I have also come across this excellent video relevant to having hope for healing.

It was sent just at a time when I needed it, and I share it in the hope that the same might be true for one of you.

It is from Kim D'Aramo, and shares a technique which combines the havening technique - a combination of somatics and EFT.

Replies to How to Hope for Healing

Note from Katherine T Owen

Dear Marie Louise,
I'm so sorry to hear about the tinnitus.
I agree with you that there are always multiple causes for tinnitus and all illness.

It may well be due to chronic ear infection.
It’s always a wonderful thing to reduce stress as it aids healing from any condition or illness.
And whatever we go through is always an invitation to become closer to God.

We can say a prayer to find purpose in illness...

Healing prayer to find purpose in illness

Dear God
The seeming reality of tinnitus (or whatever your condition or symptom is)
is pressing in on me right now.
Yet I know this changing world is not reality.

Your love,
your health,
your certainty are reality.

What is this for?

How can I use this to draw closer to you?

I make sure to leave silence in my day to hear your answers.
I allow your peace to fill my mind and heart.
Thank you.

Don't run. Feel any feelings of despair

You ask how to hope for healing.

The first thing to say is that losing hope (or mislaying it) at times is natural.

It sounds contradictory to advice on how to hope for healing, but the approach I find most successful is to allow and embrace the moments of hopelessness.

Carl Jung said, "What we resist persists". This is especially true of feelings.

When we feel our feelings of despair the feelings pass more quickly.

Here is some self talk to try:

If I feel hopeless right now, then I feel hopeless.
I love myself when I feel without hope of healing.
I love myself when I have hope of healing.
I love myself.

Release judgment on any feeling of despair for recovery

It's OK for me to feel concerned that this condition will carry on.
This is just a thought.
I am not this thought.

With this thought I may notice a feeling.
But I am not this feeling.

I am not this symptom.

Whatever symptom I experience, there is a deeper reality.
In reality I remain healthy and whole. I am held in God's love.

Reply to How to hope for healing
by: Keith

Symbolism of illness

Hi Mary-Louise,

Like Katherine, I agree the tinnitus could be caused by a number of contributing factors.

However ALL of them are symbolic representations of inner conditions or beliefs, no matter how real and disconnected from you they may seem to be.

Stress and illness

You and Katherine are correct... Stress is a MAJOR contributing factor, in every illness.

Without stress there would be a deeper connection to 'All that exists', or God, simply because its opposite is Peace and Harmony, and its reflection in the physical world would subsequently be a more Healthy expression of the body you experience.

But then again stress offers us the chance of this conversation which is to be viewed as an opportunity for spiritual advancement.
Therefore the stress and any accompanying illness can be welcomed and understood.

Let go of judging the illness

Judgement is a negative energy stream whose consequence is chronic because it is the result of fear and mis-perception.

Understand and welcome ALL experience and the experience becomes positive and reflects the same vibration back to you.

  • Note from Katherine T Owen

    Keith, I particularly like this part.
    "Welcome ALL experience and the experience becomes positive and reflects the same vibration back to you."

    Thank you so much for the reminder.

    If we succeed in doing this then any despair for recovery diminishes.

    Knowing that we have peace whatever the outcome allows us to be in a place of rest and even celebration, whether we don't recover or do recover.

(And of course in a place of rest, healing is more likely.)

Back to Keith:

Focus on health

Existence is naturally reflective, therefore you minimise those moments of doubt when you focus on the image of the self you wish to experience.

If you focus on losing hope that you will be well again, the Universe, whose language is vibration, not words, will interpret your fear as
'Oh, OK, she wants me to reflect more fear and illness into her experience...
No problem, I'm impartial... I can do that,
in fact that's all I do....reflect, reflect, reflect...'
and so it does.

Maintain your state of connection to all of existence.
Focus on it morning, noon and night.
Focus on the desired Healthy you, rather than acknowledging a specific illness which needs to be healed.

Only the Mind can be healed. The body is its reflection. Always remember that.

I want daily effort and a report on progress next week!

Blessings to you, Katherine, and all.

Reply from Mary Louise to How to Hope for Healing

Katherine and Keith! Thank you for your words.

Keith your final words made me laugh out loud - a weekly report you shall get!

Cognitively I am struggling with aspects of the quantum physics paradigm but I am intrigued and I am consciously mulling over your words.

Interestingly it has occurred to me that focusing on wellness is something I should do more of.

And Katherine I am practising seeking what I can learn from this.

I am off work at the moment, returning in a fortnight and the challenge will be to live my life differently..

The tinnitus is affecting my sleep in a big way but I am now calm unlike the first five weeks !!!!
Shall write again

Regards ML

Move from How to Hope for Healing to read the Guided Meditation Healing Script.

Mary Louise did give a report on her progress with overcoming despair and healing tinnitus! How to hope for healing continues here.

Or click on the link below to read the prayer for healing tinnitus.

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