How to hope for recovery continued

by Mary Louise

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An Interesting Setback

Ok I have been practising meditation, although it is such a struggle;

visualisation is a little more difficult but Katherine's advice to accept the feeling and the thought but to not accept that I am either the feeling or thought has assisted me greatly in not allowing the despair to be anything but a passing moment.

After a frustrating visit to a specialist who had no interest or explanation for ear infections or tinnitus but who noted that I had eczema in the ear I left that establishment in tears.

That evening I had the evening free and was able to meditate without interruption. My tinnitus was screaming in both ears and the tears were flowing freely.

I read an amazing verse in the New Testament preceded by a Psalm of despair. (22)

The tinnitus began to fade and was no longer dominating all of my thought. This remained for an hour and slowly returned but not I do not think to the same awfulness ...

As I write the noise in one ear is insistent but not ringing as strongly as yesterday. Perhaps the past two days were just heightened stress but the centering down prayer was most effective.

Living in Australia way from city lights I was able also to spend time gazing at the Milky Way and whilst hanging out the washing I was able to reflect on Keith’s conceptualisation of our connection beyond the body.

So as I return to work next Monday following a ten week break I will be praying for continued experiences of calm.

I continue to learn more about myself and the impact of my relationships. Forgiveness is a hard path to tread but I am walking the talk!

Keep me in your thoughts,

Note from Katherine T Owen

You are in my thoughts Marie-Louise.

The fear is not who you are. The illness is not who you are

Wanting things to be different- wanting the symptoms to go is totally understandable. I do too!

But to the best of your ability, in these moments remember that who you really are is the Innocence, the Righteousness of God.
There is nothing to fix.
There is no problem.
You cannot be other than the success you are because you are as God created you and this reality lies beyond the body.
Take a break and breathe in Your reality beyond the thoughts you think you think.

We are dust or...

I write this on Ash Wednesday which in the Catholic church is the day for remembering that in the body we are only 'dust' or 'ash'.
We can spend all our time nurturing that dust, or we can put our efforts into remembering the Self we are and will always be in God.


Which centering prayer did you use? It sounds like you did something wonderful there.

To take a moment of fear and face it and meet it with new words that put you in touch with a deeper truth, that is a powerful achievements.


In the Love of God we share,

Comments for How to hope for recovery continued

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Mar 04, 2014
An interesting setback
by: Keith

Hi folks,

Where you noticed that prayer time eased your symptoms is, as usual, perfectly timed with some unusual events of the last few days.

I Do not do 'ill'. It's a rule of mine. I take no drugs...not even a pain killer for the last 4 years, because I totally understand the truth that flesh, or matter, is the effect of Mind. This cannot be diluted.

I could take pills and they may even work but I understand that if they did it would only be because I believed they would.
The extensive placebo trials going on right now are proving to scientists, doctors, and surgeons that Mind rules over matter, without doubt.

So, imagine my surprise a week ago when for the first time in years I (this is difficult to admit) caught a cold!
I was shaken to my core.
My first thought was that God had abandoned me, ha ha.
My next that I must be dying...this has gotta be the end...cough, splutter!
...then finally I followed my own rules and saw it as an opportunity to analyse the reflection of my self...

In the run up to the unthinkable I'd had a particularly turbulent time emotionally at home which affected me more than it would have normally.
It affected me because I'd had a hectic few weeks full of work, family commitments, and an international legal nightmare to concentrate on.

During my reflecting I asked what I was being shown.
The answer was so simple & clear.
I had allowed my normally so completely focused mind to drift away from its source, energy, or God. It had retreated into little me rather than staying put despite external turbulence in God, as it has previously.

I reconnected, sighed a big sigh of relief, and my symptoms faded away over the next couple of days.
They were nowhere near as terrible as I used to experience but it still grabbed me.

Now I'm thankful it did. It showed me clearly how my health is a direct reflection of my inner connection to God.

I do not do well on my own...that's a fact. I seem to have a hatred for my own flesh and my disconnection breeds dis-ease in my being.

Stay focused. I'm now more focused than ever!

Big Love!

Jul 11, 2014
Still working on recovery
by: Marie-Louise

Hi it has been a few months and depending on which article or doctor you listen to I am now experiencing chronic tinnitus.

Note I did not write suffering which has been the most remarkable transformation of this journey thus far.

I cannot deny there are long moments when I feel despair and when under duress, of which there has been quite a bit of late, the sound is disturbing but nothing like it was in those early months.

I have to be honest I had given up meditating but I am being drawn once again to this practice.

Over the past six weeks I am being guided to look at what has triggered this condition. ( here I am referring to the deep cause)

I am pleased that I no longer rely on sleeping tablets and have had four nights without using the white noise app but there is more work to be done.

Oh that transformation was a speedy process.

Jul 12, 2014
True Healing
by: Keith

Hi Marie-Louise,
I am so pleased.

What you see as a minor improvement I see as a tremendous breakthrough!

Now you can begin to see Truth in action and become more of the living proof you already are.

Life is simple. Disconnection from source creates dis-ease. Both are states of Mind reflected in what you think is your body.

The Human needs to stop being the Human doing and get back to being the Human being. Continued practice at meditation will shift you to this state.
At that point healing may show up in one of two ways....

1. Your body will reflect the corrected state of Mind and you will reap the rewards of physical healing which in truth are consequences.

2. You might go so deeply within that you lose your dependency on the body altogether and it will become of minor secondary importance. This too is healing.

Regarding forgiveness:
Imagine that you died right now and came back as all of the people you've ever loved...and all of the ones you've not even liked...and even all of the people youve never even known. Imagine you are every dimension of Time...and then tell me, How can forgiveness be difficult?

Right now do you have a problem??? Or is your mind making one because it insists on its idea of itself?

Understand these truths about the single expression of Life and you will come to the only sane conclusion; that there is nothing to forgive except the unconscious addiction to individuality within a physical system which physics proves is nothing more than a collective state of Mind.

In Love and Truth.


Sep 21, 2014
Forgiveness and Healing
by: Marie-Louise

Hi Keith, Mmm I read your response in July and thought forgiveness again...... I have been there....... Anyway the busyness of life swamped me and so in my inimical fashion I put it aside and carried on. My tinnitus was ever present but I am now habituated to its presence and for the most part it does not upset me.
I then became unwell with a virus and struggled to recover, ears became infected and noise more irritating , other issues surfaced which resulted in a visit to the doctor. Blood tests taken, two call backs and I have depleted vitamin d and am awaiting other results.

So to an extent I am back to where I have been before. And of course everything I pick up seems to direct me towards forgiveness. And I thought it was just a case that my mind could not come to grips with quantum physics and that I had to accept the condition of tinnitus.

So now the journey must truly begin. I am not sure where to commence. Do I look at all the issues re my relationships, the new health challenges or do I focus on my current stressors. It seems to me that they are all intertwined but there has to be a point of unravelling. Meditation is hard for me as the tinnitus does detract but I figure it is something I need to commit to working at - it certainly is not easy.

Note from
Dear Marie-Louise,
It seems to me your journey began long ago. :-)
But then of course there is nowhere to journey to. You are already all things and everything is unfolding in divine order :-)

In case you don’t know I have a free forgiveness ebook on my spirituality website. You can go here to pick it up.

I relate to your question about where to begin. I used to feel so overwhelmed.

I personally find that if the current stressors are urgent, then feeling at peace with the current stressor becomes a priority. Otherwise I work/play with what comes to mind. I take it that what happens in my life or comes up in my mind is God’s guidance as to the next belief I am here to heal.

It doesn't matter where you start, just that you keep taking the next forgiveness step.
Keep holding to believing that peace is possible.
Keep knowing you are innocence itself.
Keep refusing to let tinnitus or your reaction to tinnitus or anything else be something that separates you from God, because nothing can …nothing can.
You are safe and healed and whole despite anything your body or your feelings might say otherwise.

It is a powerful insight to see that all the forgiveness issues are intertwined.

Patterns we experience as problems often repeat. I like to think of the (really annoyingly :-) ) repetitive ones as our forgiveness assignments – those things we have volunteered for – we are here to be the light in an area of apparent darkness.

Happy journeying to the place of Love you have never left,

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