Pray for Healing Tinnitus

by Hema
(Hong Kong)

As I lay down wide awake mercilessly ripped off my sanity by this tinnitus, I go through the articles in this page. If I don't thank Keith ( plus everyone else contributing with their stories) i'd not be a "human".

To know that I am not alone in my suffering from tinnitus is a huge "consolation". I feel we make one big family who lives apart but is always spiritually together.

I don't know if the page is still active but i'd like to request my fellow "sufferers" to pray for me too if you could please.

I've lost 90 percent of my hearing and not to mention the ongoing battle with this frightful monster that haunts me in the form of tinnitus.

Thanking Keith and everyone in advance.

Note from webmaster, Katherine T Owen

Dear Hema,
Thank you for your beautiful commitment to being human.
Here is my prayer for healing tinnitus for you. I apologise that I do not know if Hema is a female or male name. But we are all one in Christ. :-)

Prayer for Healing Tinnitus:

Dear God,
Your child calls out to you, your beautiful child, Hema, who knows there is no separation, who knows that he/she is joined with his/her brothers and sisters.

All of us who read this join our minds together to raise Hema to you in faith.

We see him/her healed of tinnitus.
The noise subsides.
Sanity is restored.
We see her/his hearing totally restored.
Nothing is impossible to you.

Any fear is pushed out by your perfect love.
Peace fills his/her heart.
Your healing light fills his/her body.
We breathe in this light. We breathe it into our own bodies and as we do so, we know that we also breathe it into Hema’s body.
By opening our minds and hearts we give you access to allow healing to take place in Hema, now.
We also ask for healing from tinnitus in Sandy, Jarrod and Carmel who have also asked for prayer.
In the name of Jesus Christ who is the same today, yesterday and forever,

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Please pray for Antonia

Please pray for Antonia

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