Support for someone with tinnitus

by Carmel
(Dublin, Ireland)

(This is a reply to someone’s request for prayer for tinnitus on

Dear Anonymous,

I too suffer from tinnitus, it can be very bad at times, like thunder and like a jet engine and like you it just drives me mad. I try at times to just concentrate on my breathing. Just breath in and out - in and out and concentrate on your breathing and what I try is not to give attention to the tinnitus. And also most important relax, get a nice relaxation tape and listen to it as often as you can. Sandy you are not on your own, I sometimes think that I am on my own with this disability, so your sharing has helped me too Sandy. Thank you.

Take each day at a time and each moment at a time. LIVE IN THE PRESENT MOMENT.

You can also look back on this website on tinnitus and all the comments will help you. These problems and illnesses sometimes come to us to bring us into awareness and live in the present moment.

Anonymous, keep writing how you feel and share and know you are not suffering on your own. Plenty of help is here and I will reply back to you. Will keep you in prayer and my thoughts. A good book I would recommend to you is written by Eckhart Tolle - Present Moment Awareness. It is a great book to have at hand. Take care and be gentle with yourself, Love and Prayers, Carmel.

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