Healing From Your Website

by Carmel

Hi Katherine & Keith,

It is a long time since I have been on this web site, but my tinnitus was so bad this morning I had no choice but to sit down and take it easy. So took out my laptop and guess what - came across your web site - was just so wonderful and healing for me, so much so that my tinnitus noise reduced, thank God and to your web site.

I found hope again just reading other peoples stories about tinnitus and the hope they received from this page.

I could relate to all who wrote comments about tinnitus - even down to the fact of not wanting to be here in this world with this awful tinnitus condition and hoping God would take me. But I feel so positive at the moment and the fact that the noise in my ears and head has reduced, will look forward to hearing from more people with this condition and let them know there is hope. When the noise is bad - I think it will never lower in volumn again but thank God it does but it is so hard at the time. Like you say 'What you resist, will persist', so acceptance is the key of 'what is'.

May God Bless you both abundantly for this web site and May God Bless and also heal everybody who has tinnitus and any other illness. (God within us can heal us).

Like you shared Keith I strive to live from the spiritual but get so pulled into living from my head and from my body and think that I am my body, thought and emotions, instead of letting it all just move through the body (energy moving). I forget that I am a spiritual being having a physical experience - so it just seems normal for me to think that I am the body, thoughts, emotions and illness, but it's not 'natural'.

It's so good to come across this web site again, I must have deleted it when deleting my history from google.

Be well - Love & Light.


Dear Carmel,
How lovely to hear from you.
I feel blessed that the tinnitus reduced whilst reading this website.
Thank you for being inspiring in your healing journey.
I join you in your prayer for healing. And I am smiling as I see our prayers answered. AMEN.

PS. I made your comment a submission as on this new website there is now a whole forum only on Healing for Tinnitus and Keith’s Meditation Healing. I hope that’s okay.

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Aug 12, 2014
Healing from Tinnitus
by: Carmel

That is great Katherine. I just checked back and I think I was the first to comment on Keith's healing of tinnitus!

I am so delighted that so many other people have joined the Tinnitus site and that we can help one another (ONENESS).

When we are going through difficult times, we often think nobody else understands, and although we wouldn't wish it on them it helps to know other people are going through what we are going through and worse.

And then we can also join in remembering that we are not our body, emotions and thoughts and that we are BEING and AWARENESS, WITNESS of all of these things and come into what we REALLY ARE.

I certainly need to be reminded again and again and again of who I really am - that I am not separate that we are all ONE - BEING - AWARENESS - WITNESS - WATCHER - OBSERVER of all.

Identification with the mind gives it more energy; observation of the mind withdraws energy from it.

As long as we are identified with the mind the ego runs our life.

Thanks for your words.

Note from Katherine T Owen:

Ah thank you Carmel for starting the joining in!
We plant a seed and watch it grow :-)

Aug 31, 2015
Self talk for tinnitus
by: Marie-Louise

Hi Katherine and Keith,
I cannot believe it will be two years since I began the tinnitus journey. I have habituated but it has taken significant work and to this day I still need support for this condition. Occasionally I experience significant internal noise but for the most part it is just a constant hiss.

I must admit quantum theory nearly did my head in, and I have yet to truly understand how it fits but no doubt as I continue use to reflect and ask for understanding, I will one day comprehend the beautiful sentiments expressed by Keith.

My latest thoughts are that I need to be able to freely say I love my tinnitus, what a horrifying thought. But I believe the resentment that builds with the hatred and fear of the condition serves only to make it more terrifying. I have yet to say I love but I know that one day I shall. I can say that I am now grateful for this condition as it has taught me so much about myself but I know this may be hurtful for those who are debilitated by this anomaly in the brain
Given that it had been such a long time since I surfed this website, I best finish up and browse!!!
Love and Grace to you all Marie -Louise

Note from Katherine T Owen
Dear Marie-Louise,
Wonderful to hear from you and to hear of your progress.
The self talk you are engaged with is truly powerful. I am doing something similar with CFS/ME symptoms with good effect.
Don't wait until you feel love to say "I love you" to the tinnitus.
That way it doesn't have to be a horrifying thought but rather something you play with.
For anyone else reading this, you can try the following self talk for tinnitus.

Get in touch with the tinnitus, the feel of it, the sound of it.
Alternatively, ask yourself:
If I saw the tinnitus in front of me what would it look like – you might see a symbol or a cartoon character.
Ask it:
Tinnitus, do you want to leave?
You may be amazed to find it says Yes or you feel a sense of Yes.
If it says No, ask it in what way it believes it is protecting you or in what way it is trying to be helpful.
Do your best to reach the point where it says Yes.

Either way then say the following self talk:
Tinnitus, I unconditionally love you.
Tinnitus, I unconditionally allow you to leave.

See what happens! Perhaps there is a feeling or a picture which is meaningful to you.
You may feel a relaxation around the tinnitus from playing with it in this way.
As Marie Louise states so clearly we can tense up and feel fear around a symptom. And there is huge benefit from lowering the level of fear.

Love and healing to all.
PS. Marie-Louise, thank you for browsing! Your comment may have originally been on www.a-spiritual-journey-of-healing.com. If your interest is more in spiritual healing, you might find more articles of interest there.

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