Healing and Unity comment

by Keith
(Reading, UK)

This comment relates to the article on healing and Unity by a visiting physicist to healingcfsme.com. The comment is by Keith Milhench who has himself contributed an article to the website.

Thank you Andreas for your comments about healing and Unity. I found them very interesting, particularly coming from a physicist!

In the last 9 months though I've continued to dis-identify with this body and integrate with the Unity we call Life, prior to Form. I also continue to witness the natural healings which are of course reflections of this state of disownership.

Having never conversed with a physicist I would like to see what your thoughts on the following are....

I see how there can only really be 1 particle...if that! I see this hall of mirrors as a constant explosion of Life’s impulse to project its self into a state it can become conscious of.

Witnessing from the singularity of Life, not speaking as Keith, I see how every projection witnessed births within 'my' reality and is the perfectly manifested reflection of every idea Life has of its self... from every point.

It's as if at the individual level we witness an impossibility.... Life turned inside out; the singularity exploded a billion times a second from its infinite timeless and spaceless actuality into the magnificently instant divisions of particle density through which Life gets to recognise its self. Yet, incredibly, every projection must take place within every point of perception. It is a singularity and so an inevitable conclusion.

In the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus says "Split a piece of wood and there you will find me, Lift a rock and there I will be"
He saw himself as the totality of Life with all things birthing within that self.

I see every point of division, animate or inanimate, every incredible point of density, as actually being no-thing....literally empty nothingness. This means our bodies are the only things we cannot be!

I see physicality as the perfect vehicle for Life....nothing more than a reflective sensory system as irrelevant as a pin, or a planet. I'd be interested to hear your viewpoint.

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Nov 27, 2016
Healing, love, and nondual awareness
by: Lex

First, great sharing Andreas.. I agree with what you're saying and, to expand, I think what needs to be kept in mind is that this process can go on for many lifetimes. I think of those going through painful deaths, etc.

Also, it is interesting to note that there are those people reported to have gone through torturous deaths or other extreme situations singing and happy the whole time. It also brings to mind the Buddhists who self-immolate and remain still and peaceful the whole time. I have always believed it is because they have an experiential awareness of what Keith is describing.

So, whether it results in healing in this lifetime, like Keith has experienced, or a crossing over into more learning experience, I do think that one purpose of all this is to come to this realization that what we are, is all there is.

Keith - have you checked out Paul Gorman's writings? miracleself.com He also claims experiential awareness of unity consciousness and has written many books about ways of coming to see this while still in the body/mind appearance.

I still maintain that the path of love is the surest way to come to see this. Even though my focus is on healing, glimpses of this understand seem to come as a by-product. Of course they go together. There have been others who have made this corrolation of course. Joel Goldsmith has written some wonderful books as well in this area, although he was unable to come to realizations of this truth in his own life when it came to physical healing. I'm not sure about Paul Gorman, but he does write eloquently about it and has some good ideas.

Another wonderful meditation on love I'm using nowadays I'm sure many here will appreciate:

Another insight came to me in meditation the other week about love and unity, I'll paste it here. It's just where I'm at in my understanding right now:

The teaching, often attributed to a man named Jesus; ‘Love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength’ means to love yourself this way. What you are is God, there is no external God outside of yourself. What you are, is all there is. When you love yourself with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, you are loving God. Because most of us are not fully, experientially aware that what we are, is all there is, the idea of loving what we conventionally understand to be ourselves, referring here to the individual body/mind appearance, is an extremely helpful concept/tool to raise our consciousness to a higher understanding of love. When we increase the love for what we take to be ourselves, the individual body/mind appearance, then that love automatically extends outward towards others and everything else. This is how we can truly love our neighbor as ourself. This practice, over time, leads to the breakdown of the false idea of separation between a self ‘in here’ and other ‘objects’ and ‘people’ ‘out there’. But it’s not necessary to focus on that aspect of things - better to just let that understanding happen.

-- Ok wish everyone all the best! Lex

Reply from Katherine Owen, author of HealingCFSME.com

How lovely to hear from you, Lex, to know that your journey continues, and to be reminded of the importance of the spiritual practice of Love.

It is interesting how different language speaks to different people even whilst it ends up being the same thing.

When I got ill, many years ago, I set out to love myself but found that the experience of love for me is easiest to relate to in relation to another.

For me, loving God and engaging in the spiritual practice of resting in God's love - experiencing God's love for me - is what has brought me to greater love for myself.

For you, if I understand, it works best to love yourself and in loving yourself to find that you love God and all others.

Either way, it is Love. We are Love. :-)

With the Love we are,

Nov 28, 2016
Love and Healing
by: Lex

Thanks Katherine:-) I am always experimenting and looking for ways to expand my love consciousness. I think whether its loving yourself, someone else, your pets, nature, things, spirits on the other side, etc.. it's all good.

I like that love's pathway meditation as she talks about getting into the energy field of love...

you direct the love towards someone else and, then, identify that love as God and, then, you expand the love out to encompass everything.

Lately, I've also been using some affirmations and prayers from Catherine Ponder's 'The Prospering Power of Love' to good effect.
Short affirmations that I can say to myself throughout the day to keep myself connected to love are very helpful to me.

Bob Fritchie created something called 'At Oneness Divine Love' healing. I've talked with him on the phone a couple of times and his intentions seem genuine. His whole idea is also using divine love to heal through prayers, breathing, and affirmation. He's having two webinars next tues and wed.. I'm planning on checking out the one next tues morning..I think it's 11am EST.. Here's the link: http://worldserviceinstitute.org/webregister.html

He has a few good testimonials on his site. All the best, Lex

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