Prayer for Tinnitus

by Sandy

I dnt knw what to do i'm broken inside cos the pain i'm bearing is internal its make mad something i feel like killing but i cant do that cos i'm an christian.

plz heavenly father take away my pain that i'm suffering
i got no hope of curing by doctor except by you.
Plz plz heal me God.

note from Katherine T Owen

Dear Sandy,
My heart goes out to you.
It takes a lot to admit that you feel like killing.
It is wonderful that you hold up the moral code of your Christian faith to know that you cannot allow yourself to do so.
May God strengthen your resolve and guide your hands to be His channel of love to the world as you wish to be.

I join my mind with yours that your suffering is REMOVED. Amen.

Please scroll down to the prayer for healing tinnitus. I have prayed this prayer for you.

You might also want to do Keith's Meditation Healing which is a wonderful way to remember that you are NOT the tinnitus.

I know it's hard when the pain is intense, but it is worth practising the belief that "THIS TOO WILL PASS"
God bless you with many blessings,
With the Love we are,

Further comment from Sandy on Prayer for Tinnitus

I dnt know wat gonna happen to me. day by day my disease is goning worse i cant sleeping cos of loud sound and i cant stay in silent place cos of loud sound in ears....
Is God giving me punishment and i'm goning to die with these suffering than it is better for me to kill myself and i know if we suicide we'll go to hell but what should i do i cant live with these disease
maybe i'm lucky that i got these disease making me suffer evryday i cant do anything except for crying everyday plz...
Plz GOD show me the way plz take away my suffering i'm still a student and i'm about to start my cls from this month.... plz help me katherine i'm scared to continue my life :-(

Note from Katherine T Owen

Can I first ask that anyone who finds this page joins with me in seeing Sandy coming through this? Finding complete healing or learning to live with the tinnitus. Please consider praying the prayer for tinnitus below.
I firmly believe and have experienced the power of joined minds.

Sandy, for your part, when you feel isolated and alone, try to remember that you have been prayed for by myself and others.

You may forget to do so, or the thought may bring little comfort at the time. Both are okay but please do so anyway to the best of your ability.

Pain and symptoms can lead us into self talk such as
“What can I do?
There is nothing I can do.
This is too hard.”
In your case, you are questioning the value of life itself.

The memory that others are praying for you can bring a little comfort into this dark place.
A little comfort is enough to keep you going.
I know you feel lonely, but you are not alone. These are not empty words.

This thread about Healing Tinnitus was started by Keith who cured himself of Tinnitus. I want to point out to anyone reading this that I continue to have tinnitus.

I remember feeling desperate when it first started but I rarely notice it now.

As I read this thread I remember it!

It may be that, for me the tinnitus improved, I can't remember.
But it is also a case of relaxing around the noise and learning to live with it.
It may seem impossible at first, but please know that others such as myself have learned to live with it.

Healing tinnitus or anything else can take many forms.
Sometimes the greatest healing is to allow God to love you in the midst of it.
Sandy, will you let God love you as you are, right now?

God does NOT want this for you– this pain, this distress.
You are NOT lucky to have tinnitus. It’s horrible for you, and I am sorry it is happening.
God is NOT punishing you.
God is love.

Please make a COMMITMENT to a healing method.

You will need to make a COMMITMENT because when we are in a fear state it can take a while for us to let God in through the fear to help us.

Keep going. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and you are MOVING in the right direction.

You speak of the end of life but you also speak of doing your This is good. Part of you is committed to your next project and has no intention of going anywhere.
How fantastic of you.
You are still believing in yourself in the midst of a dark time and this is a beautiful thing.

And who knows, by writing about how hard it is for you to have tinnitus you may be helping someone who thought it was only them who was going through this hell.

By praying for you they may find more compassion for themselves.

You are someone who can help and inspire others. You have a purpose here.

With the Love that waits for us behind any thoughts of fear,

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Aug 12, 2014
No need for healing tinnitus
by: Keith Milhench

No need for healing tinnitus
by: Keith


I feel for you. Tinnitus is a horrible affliction, but like all afflictions it can be used to turn adversity into opportunity....not in the sense that you can heal it, but in the sense that it can become the barometer by which you measure your return to the state of perfection you are, as an extension of God.

Understand that THERE IS NOTHING TO HEAL! There is nothing solid under the Sun.
Let me reason with you. If you are a constantly flowing collection of 70,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 particles of energy, which I assure you you are, each of which is comprised of...absolutely nothing...then how can you be anything but a never ending flow of nothing more than IDEAS about your own reality?

To attempt to heal something which according to quantum physics is an impossibility only maintains your focus on the apparent problem. The Universe does exactly what it is designed to do and says "Oh disease is the focus, let me reflect it back to you"
It understands your immortality, eternity and perfection and that your greater reality can never be affected. But your Universe can only ever reflect your ideas of reality because your Universe is not outside of you...IT IS YOU!...and is projected entirely from your Mind!

Physicist Pascual Jordan once said: "Observations not only disturb what is to be measured, they produce it!"

So, now we know that Creation is an overlay of billions upon billions of universes generated from every single viewpoint. They follow certain constructional agreements which allow for consistency within the entirety, necessary for the stability of the experience, but nevertheless each is your own.

So...change your Mind...and you change your reality. You are free to step outside of the agreed system of programming. This idea of Life is frighteningly simple. Many choose not to face this level of responsibility but I assure you IT IS POSSIBLE and desire to do so will create the experience.

Understand that at this point in Time Humanity chooses to experience its self as separate from its source, or God. It fails to realise that the negative effects of this state of separation are not punishment but natural consequence. Cause and effect in action.
Katherine is right....God is Love and wishes only to be remembered. The reflection of that natural state of Unity is the disappearance of the afflictions. They never were. I know this is difficult to believe from your position of suffering but it is the only reality the Human can be certain of!

How do you do it??? Meditate. Deeply. Feel for the source of Life buried deeply within yourself which is beyond both the Tinnitus and the pain and watch as they subside from your awareness. They will probably return, maybe with even greater intensity and usually in waves, but you must understand that this is a battle of wills, not of flesh. The weak egoic self feels threatened and so seeks to imprison you further within your suffering in a desperate fight for its survival. However, persist and you will experience relief and will never be able to deny that, even if it were only for a minute, the symptoms were not there! The more you learn to focus on what is beyond the suffering the more this will become your reflected state of reality. Focus on periods of calm and peace, not on the suffering.

One day you will suddenly wake up and wonder where the afflictions went! I have lost Asthma, Tinnitus, Hayfever, animal allergies, & 95% of my eczema. I have reversed Liver damage and stood astounded as my Mind shook viral infections from my idea of my body. Yet I have cured nothing. I have accepted both my reality and their impossibility through my reconnection to my loving source which renders all symptoms unnecessary.

Please do not contemplate suicide. What a waste that would be. It would achieve nothing. I need you to believe that I have delved so deeply into reality that I now understand that in reality there is no Death. There is only a process of renewed focus which itself is a continuation of the permanent state of birth you exist as in every second of what you think is your Life.
You are an eternal fountain of energy, brand new in every second. Use this most difficult of constructs to transcend your self. Suffering is a simple effect of misunderstanding. Do not give up.

Blessings and Truth to you all.

Sep 14, 2014
Pray for healing my Tinnitus
by: Jarrod and Carmel

I WOULD LIKE SOMEONE TO PRAY FOR MY tinnitus if possible pleas send me some blessings.
Anything is possible in Gods name.

from webmaster, Katherine T Owen

Dear Jarrod, I have prayed this Prayer to Heal Tinnitus for you.

When you click through you will also find a list of names of those who have requested healing prayer. Please hold them all up in prayer.

Tinnitus sufferers pray for each other, from Carmel

Dear Jarrod,
I will keep you in prayer as I also suffer from Tinnitus and know how hard an illness it is to suffer from.

Eat well and don't allow yourself to get overtired as that is not good for Tinnitus.

Keep in touch with your breath as much as you can
and know you are 'BEING'
and allow all discomfort to pass.
Love and Prayers Carmel.

Dear Sandy,
let me tell you - you have helped me by your sharing 'cause when my tinnitus is bad I think I am the only one suffering this and that no one else understands what I am going through.

I just love what Katherine and Keith shared with you, which is the TRUTH, and it only when I come back to this website that I realise the Truth and I need this to keep reminding me of who 'I am'.

Keep in touch with the 'I am', breath in and out 'I am'.

Love and prayers Carmel.

Sep 14, 2014
Prayer for tinnitus. Thanks
by: jarrod

Carmel thanks for keeping me in prayer was wondering when you said eat well,what kinds of food or drinks do you have.
I know some foods can cause inflamation of your ears for a bit.
At nights sometimes it's not easy to sleep.
And God Bless.

Sep 15, 2014
spiritual healing tinnitus
by: Carmel

Hi Jarrod,
I cannot recommend what to eat or drink as regards tinnitus.
I try not to focus on my tinnitus and to keep my mind occupied with God's word and claim the healing for my ears.

Today I am good with my ears, so I take one day at a time and when they are not good I trust they will be good the next day.

I continue to keep you and all who have tinnitus in prayer.

Keep reading over and over again what Katherine and Keith say on this website, I think their words are very powerfilled and from God within them - the same God that is within you.
I would say the same to you as what they said to you but I cannot put it into words like they have the gift to do.

Take time out to BE with yourself and rest in God's loving care and embrace.

Note from Katherine T Owen, webmaster

Dear Jarrod,
Carmel is referring to various articles on this website. On this page you will find the healing meditation which Keith used to heal tinnitus successfully. There are other comments and articles relevant to tinnitus which link from there.

Thank you Carmel for your kind words and generous receiving :-)

With Love to all who come here,

Sep 19, 2014
Informative Healing Website
by: jarrod

Plenty of stuff on your website I was looking around.
So much information to take in.
I didn't know where to comment so I commented here.

Note from

Dear Jarrod, Thank you so much for taking the time to comment.

This website is a year old but it still feels very much like a new venture.
It means a lot to hear that the healing information is helpful and relevant.

I was going to move your comment to the guest book, but I think that if you chose to give your email the website will have signed you up receive further comments from people with tinnitus, so I have left it here.

God blesses you and knows your health and completeness,

Katherine T Owen, author and webmaster

Sep 20, 2014
Beliefs Diet Health
by: Keith

Greetings Earthlings!

Food and Drink- I Eat and Drink 'of the Earth' so to speak. Natural food is my rule. No processed rubbish. Water is my main drink. Milk is my daily treat. But these are by choice!

Sometimes I have take-aways and in the evening even a Rum and coke (Gasp!) simply to stick 2 fingers up at the beliefs which imprison us because I KNOW that in reality the particle components of the food and drink I choose are aspects of myself and how they perform is only down to the systems of belief we are comprised of.

Remember always: It's better to have a whiskey for breakfast in a state of connected consciousness than a bowl of muesli in a state of delusion.

In truth the eating of a bowl of Muesli is the expression of the belief that you need something to improve something which in reality cannot be improved by anything external.

A nutritionist will argue that the Muesli is good for you and Whiskey is bad. A physicist would argue that neither exist, except within the Mind! Anything external will grant you whatever value you place upon it, simply because the entire system is reflective at every level.

Any benefits experienced are effects of the recognitions of your state of reality! Life is simple....step outside of its illusions of choice and complicating mass cellular programming. See every second that you are brand new and perfect. Staying conscious is the key!

You are the extension of source....step up and live it!

In Love,


Note from
Keith you are gorgeous:
"Remember always: It's better to have a whiskey for breakfast in a state of connected consciousness than a bowl of muesli in a state of delusion."
Thank you for reminding us of reality.

In addition though, as A Course In Miracles says, fear renders us temporarily inaccessible to the atonement.

It is clear from this tinnitus forum that the symptoms of tinnitus, as with the symptoms of any illness, can trigger fear. And we may do well to use the 'magic' of taking precautions to overcome the fear and be able to find inner peace again.

Going back to your first point though:
I once went into the home of someone healthy and felt quite oppressed with the number of health measures they were taking. They were everywhere. It seemed to me that they were a constant reminder of the possibility of illness.

“And Jesus said, Are ye also yet without understanding?
Do not ye yet understand, that whatsoever entereth in at the mouth goeth into the belly, and is cast out into the draught?
But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man.
For out of the heart proceed … false witness, blasphemies:
These are the things which defile a man: but to eat with unwashen hands defileth not a man.”
(Matthew 15:16 -20, Bible quote)

I left out some of the more colourful language, but you are scripturally correct :-)
False witness is to believe our senses and to believe that this body is all we are, when we are as God created us.
Blasphemy is to have the arrogance to think that we have separated from God who created us as a part of Him/Her.
Get rid of those and we could indeed eat what we wanted.

How can we ever be powerful enough to have split away? Thank God that God is more powerful than us.
But until we know that, let’s be gentle with ourselves. We are those of little faith.

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Oct 01, 2014
How is everybody doing?
by: jarrod

Wanted to see how Carmel,Sandy are doing along with Kathterine and Keith.

reply from Carmel

Jarrod I am doing good for today, I feel relaxed and my tinnitus is good. Hope you are feeling likewise, Carmel.

reply from Keith on the Spiritual and physical connection

Hi folks,

I'm doing great. Thanks for asking. The more present I am in the moment, blurring and softening the lines between the physical and the spiritual, the more my body reflects that state of acceptance and connectedness.

However, I am now onto a bold new project; The same rules apply in all of physical existence so I am attempting to accept the correction of all of my senses. Note that I did not say I am attempting to correct my faulty senses. I see their disorder as being nothing more than the reflective consequences of my reluctance to accept my actuality as being multi-dimensional, which includes Physical. The denial of any aspect creates disorder.

As for my Tinnitus....absolutely not there! I'm now listening.

Bless you all.

Healing in the present moment from Carmel

Hi Keith,

I like your living in the present moment, I get into my head a lot and fearfull, I guess I just have to accept what is in the moment.

I do not know what your mean about attempting to to correction of sensations. I don't understand that.

Thanks Keith.

Love and Light.


Katherine: I don't know what he means either, Carmel :-))

Keith: Healing attitude You don t need to be fixed


What I was saying was that I am not attempting to fix something which is faulty. In reality it is the fact that I focus on my self as divided and separated which both creates and amplifies my varying states of dis-ease.

If we live in as much a state of presence as possible....permanently recognising our connection to all which appears seperate....then our bodies will reflect the peace which that state creates.

Basically I was attempting to stop you going down the egoic route of trying to correct something you see as a problem.
That becomes only confirmation of its reality to your subconscious mind. We see and experience miracles all the time but these are always reflections of your systems of belief about your reality.

If someone performed a miracle healing on me then it could only affect and become my reality if I believe it possible to do so. Eventually though you reach a point where you can no longer witness the one performing the miracle as anything other than your self, so who really performs the miracle?

Permanent health is the natural state. The deeper you dwell in the connected state the more this shines through all dreams of suffering.

I heard someone say to change your attitude to gratitude and make it a daily practice. Gratitude is a connective and higher frequency vibrational state. If your attitude is one of gratitude for your positive aspects of health then your always....will compliantly reflect that positivity. Your body is, after all, nothing more than the leading edge of the energy system you are.

Oct 17, 2014
saw your Video 14 years of bed bound.
by: jarrod

Just checking in to see how everyone is doing with tinnitus or generally.

im hanging in there
i'm trying to always think positive,
think positive and God will provide.

Katherine, Your video talking about 14 years of bed bound was inspiring. Thanks for sharing.
Looks like you went through a lot.

Note from Katherine T Owen
Thank you Jarrod.

Yes, it’s a hard life to live with illness as many people reading this will know.
And when you don’t have the support to be safe it’s an extra challenge.

I haven’t posted the video interview on this website yet.
If anyone wants to watch it, the video is here.

Holding a place for getting out of our way and letting healing happen

Dec 03, 2014
Healing from self concept
by: Keith

Does "hanging in there' mean that yours is improving?

Are you (all) expanding out of your idea of self and into your greater reality? Only there can your particle reality be more vibrationally aligned with source and reflect that in your physical sense of being, remember?

You are the head of a gigantic corporeal existence, not a person. Mental liberation from physical contraction is a gift which brings its own very natural rewards folks.

In Love always,


Dec 28, 2014
Healing the Physical Body
by: Lex

Keith, now that I've read more things you've written here I am really in alignment with what you're saying.

For those who need help, you would do well to read and re-read what Keith has written.

Also check out the writings of Paul Gorman - There are many free articles here:

And I recorded an audio of Keith's wonderful healing meditation:

These things can really help and heal the physical body and end suffering when applied. Best wishes to all, Lex

Dec 31, 2014
Healing of love
by: Keith

Thanks Lex, these are the truths of our existence and I salute you if you're living by them....its not easy! It takes effort and a determination to understand to rise to every physical opportunity....

I got mentally tested a few days ago. There's been a flu virus going round at work. I was determined not to get it... but even though I understand fully that everything, including a virus, is only an idea, I too succumbed! How unthinkable.

By 8pm I was coughing terribly, shivering like an eskimo, and curled up on the heated seat in one of our patrol vehicles. At 9.45 my boss came out and said I looked terrible so he sent me home. I went straight to bed.

Then the battle started. I made a statement to myself that it is just an idea and I choose not to allow it to exist within me. I asked my particles and cells to clean themselves of it, to step outside of this belief system. I was struggling to breathe and had to lie on my front to stop the coughing, and then I drifted off to sleep. I woke many times during the night to find myself absolutely boiling. I don't remember ever being that hot. I could feel my body at war on an energy level. It felt like a real battle raging in me. My heart was pounding so strongly and so loudly into the mattress that a couple of times it woke me up. It was racing like mad, booming away in my chest and I saw it in my Minds eye like a general directing it's troops.

And then at around 4 am it suddenly ended. My temperature returned to normal, I felt the cough subside, and I knew I'd just experienced the fastest flu bug ever. I had decided not to play the game and my body responded to my demands and my acceptance of reality beautifully. 

I felt much better that next day and went to work with no problems. Nobody could believe I was back so soon. However, the following day I went back down hill...not feverish or shivering but just the extreme loss of energy, muggy head, coughing again. I still went to work. It wasn't too bad.

The healing of love

I asked what it's all about, and how it is that I can experience these symptoms when I understand their basic impossibility?
I also asked what I'm missing, what it's showing me and how it serves me?

As usual my determination to understand led me to truth. I saw how my separation from love had led me to illness. That's all. It's simple. Separation from Love is the state of dis-ease. Love destroys all constructs and limitations such as illness which is why when I feel love I don't get sick. I questioned this lack of Love and had to admit it was for myself. No other love matters or can affect us as powerfully as the love of self or the lack of it.

I remember once seeing on the news how an 8 year old child's love for his father allowed him to transcend collective limitations and lift a 2 ton car off his father's body. It's basically the same. It all makes sense. When I feel and experience Love I transcend collective beliefs and limitations. We all do.

I enjoyed the 2 additional days I had the illness. It made my whole being super sensitive! I felt every single touch, every step, every mouthful of food and drink. It forced me into momentary awareness in the most interesting way. A hot shower was amazing! I experienced real presence and it slowed down my life.

I just wanted to say that on some level within this collective system we are all inevitably going to be subject to the ideas and beliefs which quite literally form the basis of our construction. However, stepping outside of the limitations of the imprisonment of the self and into Love, an appreciation of Creation and the singularity of existence can reverse states of disease, prevent others from becoming manifest, and when they do become part of the experience they can be welcomed as an opportunity to go deeper into the self to understand more.

I wish you all a healthy new year.


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Dec 31, 2014
Christ Consciousness, Frequent Meditations
by: Lex Samu

Thanks for sharing that Keith! It is my current belief that we have experiences like this in order for us to get to the point where we can embody that full Love/christ/Oneness Consciousness all the time. Where we see that what our body is, is all that is. So I think you just got stronger and lifted your awareness even more from your recent experience.

I've been combining my own meditation technique with the concepts you and Paul Gorman are talking about and finding it very effective - basically it is frequent meditation periods - short ones - throughout the day just sitting and listening to the silence and realizing that my body is everything that I see, hear, feel, and everything that exists - similar to the meditation you have.

Bruce Lipton posits that by doing short meditation periods consistently throughout the day, you have more of an effect on stopping the false tapes of the subconscious mind that say we're separate individuals - separate from Love - from Oneness, than if you do one longer meditation session a day and then just get up and go about your daily routine. So I will see how this goes and keep people here posted:-)

Thanks again and all the very best, Lex

Re Frequent meditation

From Katherine T Owen, webmaster

Dear Lex,
I agree with Bruce Lipton's suggestion about the power of frequent meditations.

When I started checking-in as I call it :-) throughout the day, I had a realisation that this is the spiritual basis behind the Muslim practice of praying 5 times a day.

5 times a day doesn't seem excessive at all, though I know that if they are strict they wake up in the night to pray! Interestingly nuns and monks do the same.

I am also a student of A Course In Miracles, as is Keith.

Most of the Course lessons advise us to practise our lesson at the start of every hour, pointing out, quite reasonably that it only takes a minute to do so, and we thereby set and maintain our intention throughout the day to make our decisions with God rather than with the ego.

I don't think the course uses the term Christ Consciousness but it is the same thing. We are remembering who we are.

One of my favourite quick ways of checking in is to be still a moment and say "Hello God".

It never fails to make me smile. I usually get what I call a Holy Shiver or wave of Love. Sometimes I get a word of knowledge or insight about what's happening for me.

With the Love we are,

Dec 31, 2014
Frequent meditations ACIM
by: Lex

That's fascinating about the Muslim practice - Now that you say it, it makes sense to me.

I agree with Paul Gorman when he talks about what teaching we have in our minds when we undertake meditation will determine the type of effect it has upon us. I like the idea of 'letting the silence teach me', so I just listen and keep in mind that expansiveness that is discussed a lot on this site.

Yes, I think ACIM is a beautiful teaching that can be very effective depending on the person's mindset - well I guess that's true for all teachings:-) I like some of the stuff Gerald Jampolsky has written about ACIM.

I have been using Dina Proctor's 3X3 meditation technique - which is basically setting a timer and doing 3 min, 3x a day - Of course I usually expand this to 4X4, 5X5, 6X10, etc. Depending on my time and inclination in the day - but I am always consistent with at least 3X3. I think I identified with this technique because I shared a lot of similar experiences to her and what she writes about in her book 'Madly Chasing Peace' - a really nice, quick read.

What Paul Gorman is positing in his writings is that people such as Nisargadatta and Maharishi both still had a subtle separation between an 'inner' and an 'outer' and kind of 'shut off' the phenomenal world - and he notes it's interesting that they both died of cancer. His idea is that a master, such as Christ, brought that awareness back into the phenomenal mind and then was able to lift people's awareness up to a place where they could actually witness the perfection that they were in Oneness - and this did effect their phenomenal lives in terms of healing, etc.

It seems this is what ACIM is attempting to do as well. I really like the idea of 'checking in' every hour.

IMO, the fact you are getting the feelings and intuitive words for yourself is really what it's all about. Having studied all types of spiritual healing, non duality, and many metaphysical teachings over the years has taught me that it's all about the fruits!:-)

All the very best, Lex

Dec 31, 2014
Conscious connection with Source
by: Keith

Interesting comments folks.

I loved doing the ACIM practices which took me 18 months. I was also meditating deeply every morning, once a day.

However, one day I realised that this too was a blatant statement of duality. I was dividing my Time between periods of connection and periods of none.

I realised that LIFE is meant to be a meditation, lived as a conscious connected extension of source, not that we are meant to set aside time for it, like we would any other Human activity.

That would make it just another thing on the to do list when what we search for is transcendence, expansion and elevation into a new way of seeing Life.

I manage long periods of conscious connection nowadays, but hunger for permanent connection....

...and while I wait I remember that intention is the trigger for experience...!

Dec 31, 2014
Healing missing limbs
by: Lex

Oneness consciousness - formal or informal healing meditation?

It’s a very good point to bring up Keith - this is something Gorman addresses as well. Because of what I studied about this before, I learned that the formal meditation periods are designed to put someone in that Oneness consciousness all the time. So it is a tool to get our awareness into that place 24/7.
Lipton posits that formal meditation periods continually interrupt the tapes of the subconscious mind - and the mind and senses are what is blocking our awareness of our true nature. The mind and senses being a lower awareness - false sense - ‘looking through a glass darkly’.

Perhaps if you had never done the formal meditation practice and/or even came across these types of teachings, the ideas would never be in your consciousness about oneness. I mean your healing of tinnitus story leaves one with the impression that your healing came about through expanding your awareness through the formal meditation you were doing at the time.

When you say you are managing much longer periods of time of conscious connection, to me that still sounds like a human activity you are doing to raise your awareness to where you are permanently in that higher awareness. Perhaps it is just you evolved beyond the need for the formal meditation and are now at this point - which sounds like it will lead to that permanent connection.

Do primative people have Christ consciousness?

If we look at people brought up in very natural surroundings - or so-called ‘primitive’ tribes in the jungle, etc., it seems that they do seem to have more of a sense of connectedness - so, in that way, perhaps they are taught by mother nature - but, still, there isn’t an overall christ consciousness awareness in those people either in general.

Did Jesus meditate?

Then you have the reports of Jesus in various texts going off by himself to ‘pray’ - was he going off into silence to meditate? To ‘speak/connect with his father’?
Well I get exasperated with that guy to be honest because he was always talking in such riddles!

Motivation for meditation

So perhaps it is the motivation we have behind the meditation as well. If it is to get something we don’t believe we already have, then maybe it will not be effective. But if it is looked at as a tool to dispel false beliefs or things that are blocking our awareness from expanding to a higher sense, then maybe this is where the benefit can come in. Or if we just sit in the silence and listen and have no expectations. Perhaps this is when something beyond our human mind and senses can ‘teach’ us?

Of course we use tools to fix things - once they are fixed, we don’t need the tool anymore. To me, again, it sounds like you have reached the point where you no longer need the formal periods of meditation because you are able to hold the awareness of oneness for longer and longer periods. So maybe you don’t need that tool anymore.

Healing of missing limbs

In regards to myself, I can only go back to the fruits of what is in my life. Since I was a little child, I always had it on my mind about regeneration of limbs - I can’t explain why because I never knew anyone like this. But it has stuck with me until this day and served me well as I research spiritual healing.

Did you know that full missing limbs is the least documented spiritual healing occurence? In fact, the only eyewitness testimonies to regeneration of full limbs (and noses and eyeballs) happened at the Asuza St revival in the early 1900’s. This was in a christian paradigm where the room would fill with smoke (the christians called this the Holy Spirit or Shekinah Glory) and these types of things happened.


In November, a friend of mine and I went upstate NY to see Tommy Welchel, the last living link to this revival - after he spoke with us and he put his hands on me, the next day I uncontrollably started with glossolalia going through my head (christians call this speaking in tongues, but it is much older that christianity, having been around since mesopotamia and usually is accompanied by mystical phenomena such as healing - Plato refers to glossolalia in certain Greek texts).
I think this was to take me out of my ego mind sense and get me to do something very illogical to the thinking mind. Perhaps what I needed to further expand my awareness.
There are some fascinating studies on glossolalia various scientists have done regarding the hemispheres of the brain.

Anyway, I have started to ramble, but my point is that, when I can witness the regeneration of missing limbs, for me, this is the ‘golden key’ so to speak - I think it’s why I incarnated - to me it’s the ‘ultimate fruit’ - for reasons I am still not certain of.
Wow, interesting stuff for sure!
Happy New Years everyone:-)

Best, Lex

Note from Katherine T Owen
Why are the Parables Confusing?

"Well I get exasperated with that guy [Jesus] to be honest because he was always talking in such riddles!"

Ha ha.
I love the riddles - the way the parables are usually immoral or deeply unfair to our perspective of 'earning our way through life'- they don't allow the mind to go down prescribed pathways of understanding. Instead they invite prayer and pondering, so that one day when one is a state of "be still and know I am God" a new understanding pops into one's head.

Try it Lex.
"What does this mean?"
Trust the answer will come then, in hours or in days.
It will come.
I know enough of you from meeting you here to know that it will.
I am sure Jesus appreciates you acknowledging him sufficiently to be exasperated by him.

By the way, I have certainly heard Christian testimony in books of healing missing limbs, but I can't remember which ones.

Perhaps Morris Cerullo, Christ, Your Healer or Healing the Sick by T J Osborne. The latter certainly played a role in raising my faith for healing - experienced in May 2008.

Blessings on us all to allow God to guide us and bless us in 2015


Annoying spiritual masters – Reply from Lex

Yeah, I guess that’s really the way to do it with the parables.

Over the last 10 years I have had a lot of mystical type experiences with the so-called Masters. I guess I say ‘so-called’ because it has almost always been a very frustrating experience.

I believe it was St.John of the Cross who said, "You really don’t want to have a mystical type experience with the higher spirits because it means you’re really f—ing up and you’re going to get your butt kicked." (That’s an exact quote from him by the way ;-)

I’ve definitely found it to be true.
Certainly did a lot to demolish my big ego though. It was always told to me that I didn’t get more help from these Masters because they wanted me to figure all this out and do it for myself - so, yeah, I think I still have a chip on my shoulder about Jesus and all his ‘crew’ ;-)

Faith Healing

Oh yeah, I remember reading ‘Healing the Sick’ - very inspiring.
I do study a lot of the faith healers just because the 5% who are the real deal make it worth it to me :-)

Tommy Welchel’s book, The Miracles of Asuza Street and Beyond has definitely been the most inspiring book I ever read in regards to healing.

Youtube on healing miracles

There’s a really good youtube of him here talking about Asuza St and the miracles of healing: I just get so excited and happy watching it!

Jan 01, 2015
Any healing is possible!
by: Keith

Hi folks,

OK, this is where it gets a bit weird...

Lex, I have learned an awful lot about the actualities of multidimensional existence. Your interest in healing missing limbs is understandable and most probably due to your personal relationship to another entity.

All of the great non physical teachers have taught that we appear individually but are ultimately one.
In between we are divided into soul families, each with hundreds and sometimes thousands of incarnated expressions. At its most intimate example we often partner with other aspects of our own soul family in order that from a much wider perspective the oversoul can experience both sides of the emotional coin through physical expression.

Sometimes we glimpse those other expressions relevant to our own through our meditations, which can be interesting, and occasionally we even form agreements with them during what humanity thinks is the sleep state. Our subsequent actions then seem inexplicable in our physical lives but are extremely important and beneficial to all other aspects within the family.

What you remember and form into rock solid knowledge from your point of view does not necessarily need to be physically expressed by you. Because your understanding is automatically shared it may be expressed by another...or not, but whether or not it is or whether you witness it or not, be assured that all aspects benefit from it and so your explorations are vital.

All healing is possible

About the regeneration, I assure you ...anything is possible!
We are not born with DNA which remains solid and fixed.
DNA is the constantly manifesting blueprint for our expression, our ideas about reality materialised right Now, and capable of instant and massive change, such as we experience here.
DNA manifests brand new a billion times a second and its potential therefore must be totally unlimited. The only limitations really are that we are extensions of all of those solidified ideas and beliefs which came before us and which make this existence and its rules seem so solid and unbreakable. Yet they're not!

I've read about the regeneration of limbs too Katherine but likewise I cant remember where. So keep at it Lex, doing the most important thing, which is always to follow what drives you into expanding your to your full potential on an inner level.

I am a fan of Jesus

About Jesus, I just wanted to say I love the way the more of his teachings I hear the more they make sense and are in accord with what we now know. I keep a copy of the gospel of Thomas on my desktop. Wow!

Soul Groups by Lex

Yes, I've read a lot about the soul groups and such. Robert Schwarz is the latest 'big guy' out there who talks about our soul families and things we planned before we incarnated, etc.

So then I guess the bet is on Keith - First one of us to film a limb regeneration and put it up on youtube wins!:-)

Regeneration of missing limbs from Keith

Ha ha! It's a deal.

I fixed my liver once...does that count?

Regeneration of limbs, from Lex
Well I'll bet your liver had to regenerate to heal. And I know you had regeneration of nerve and tissue cells with the hearing loss and tinnitus. But let's get something going on the outside as it films much better!;-)

May 10, 2015
Spiritual practice of love
by: Lex Samu

The Power of sending Love

Starr Daily, who wrote 'Love Can Open Prison Doors' in the 1920's, realized the tremendous power of sending love to everyone after an intense mystical experience.

But why not also send love to inanimate objects? If we look at the nondual perception of things, all there is, is consciousness. Therefore, giving more weight to animate objects that are perceived to have 'life' is actually a judgment of separation.

All there is, is consciousness. When we love everything we see - we are now loving without conditions and judgments. We are loving everything our senses perceive. And, consider the ramifications of this: How much easier is it to love animate people when we are constantly training ourselves to love everything we see? The more we are engaged in constantly loving EVERYTHING, the more we are training ourselves in the vibration of love.

Sounds a little crazy, but it just might work! I'm certainly game to experiment with this :-)

Note from Katherine T Owen
Dear Lux,

Thank you for your comment. A few random thoughts that arose.

1. You speak of the power of the spiritual practice of sending love to others. I am put in mind of Job in the Bible whose restoration took place when he prayed for his friends (–I am pretty sure by the way that some of them were giving bad advice at the time – apparently chronic illness had a tendency to attract bad advice back then too!)

2. Have you read the Celestine Prophecy? One of the 9 insights is the power of sending love or energy to plants, and how the plants respond with greater health and vitality.
It is wonderful how your awareness of green and nature expands with this spiritual and healing practice.

3. When I was bedbound I was on my own over 22 hours a day. I realised that if I only smiled at a person then I would smile very little.
So, I deliberately set out to smile more at inanimate objects – at the beauty of the water in the glass by the bed, at the plants, at the intricacy of the weaving on the sheet on the bed, at the pattern of wood in the wardrobe door.
I didn’t think of it as a spiritual practice, but when I think of it now it is aligned with your idea of not judging separation.
A very powerful spiritual experience was linked with pondering the beauty in the weave of the sheet –a standard sheet by the way –I understood that even at this level of 'small' everything was space. I fell through into the spaciousness in all things and experienced a profound sense of expansion in myself.

Thanks Lux, for reminding me! Let me know how the experiment goes.

tags: spiritual practice of love, healing

Spiritual Practice Loving Everything, Lex

Thanks for your great comments Katherine - Yes I have read the Celestine Prophecy.

Also, I'm thinking if I am focused on loving everything all the time, that will be a good training and way to raise my 'vibration of consciousness'.

2-3x a day I also do the guided meditations on this site: which I find are very good. They are a combination of meditating on love energy, visualization, and generating the feeling of the effects of love. They are free if you give your email.

Wishing you all the best! Lex

Oct 08, 2015
I Declare
by: C Visagie

The Lord has said to me that he will heal me. When it will happen is for Him to decide. I declare that he is the Lord in control of everything. I will praise His name forever. I declare this in the spiritual dimension in which he has already won the battle against evil. I am destined for a miracle as has He spoke to me. Amen

Note from Katherine T Owen
Dear C Visagie,
I join my mind with yours to see the miracle healing of your tinnitus come to pass.
You have received His word.
I celebrate your healing which was and is and will be. YES!

Jan 18, 2016
Tinnitus using the word my or your
by: Marie Corry

I would not claim tinnitus as being "my" or "mine".

I know its difficult but lets leave it in the land of unreality or nothingmess from whence it came. And it never really came.

Note from Katherine T Owen, webmaster

Dear Marie, I love your comment. Thank you.
I toyed with changing ‘your’ tinnitus in the comment underneath because I completely understand why you say that.

I have left it as is for now because it may help someone else.

Words mean what they mean to us.
ACIM uses the language that "words are only symbols of symbols". In this example, the experience tinnitus is a symbol and the words we use to describe it are also only symbols.

So we choose the symbols that are right for us and point us in the direction of truth. For you that is to avoid saying your or my and that is useful for you.

However, we need to meet ourselves where we are and sometimes illness/a condition/tinnitus can feel v real to us!!! – a very real part of ‘my’ or ‘your’ experience.

To say otherwise can feel like not quite meeting ourselves where we are or rejecting our experience, which in turn can lead to greater fear, because why would we need to reject something that is not real and poses no threat whatsoever.

C Visagie uses a formal prayer rather than the language of metaphysics. I responded in like-manner.

When you accept something as yours it is easier to understand the concept that you could give it away.

When you accept something as yours it is easier to understand the idea of handing it over to God and giving it up.

It is yours on the way to not being yours.

Lovely that you are so clear on what works for you.
And… I may still change it ;-)

With the Love that is more who we are than any story we might have about ourselves :-)

tags: illness, self identification, self definition, language, beliefs, health, nlp

Aug 14, 2016
Tinnitus prayer asked from you
by: Greenlet

Pray for my tinnutus too please.

Note from webmaster Katherine Owen:

Dear Greenlet,
Joining you in prayer for healing.
Seeing you and all others on this tinnitus forum safe, healed and whole.
Any fear replaced by perfect love.
Thank you God.

From Carmel, in response to tinnitus prayer

Hi Sandy,
(Note from Katherine - I am guessing this is for Greenlet too)
I hope your tinnitus has eased for you. I too have tinnitus and it gets very loud at times, like today it is very loud and I am finding it hard to deal with, but hopefully it will ease off.

I do get times that it eases and that keeps me coping with the hard and difficult times when it is very loud like now.

So you are not on your own Sandy, like me I think that I am the only one going through this suffering but that seems not to be the case.

Keep in touch and let me know how you are
We can support each other when we think we are on our own with this condition.

I will have to go back to listen to what Katherine and Keith say.

Love always, Carmel

Aug 18, 2016
prayer for healing my ears
by: Emmanel

These past few days my ear has began ringing. I dont know if its tinnitus or just an infection but I believe that where two or three gather together in gods name, there he is with us. So please prayer for me that I may receive gods grace and healing.

Reply from webmaster, Katherine T Owen
Dear Emmanuel,
of the wonderful name.
Joining with you for healing as two, and I am sure that others will join too as three or more.
I have added your name to the request for prayer below.

And on a less spiritual note, even if it is tinnitus, for some people it does pass quickly, even in the natural way of things.

Comment from Carmel - Keeping you in Prayer re Tinnitus
Hi Emmanuel,

Try ignoring the ringing in your ears, what we focus on can sometimes get worse.

Also look at acceptance. I know what I am saying can be difficult but try anyway.

Also mindfulness meditation can be good as stress can make tinnitus worse.

I am having a good day today with my tinnitus other days it can be very bad, very loud.

Stay with your breath and the Presence that you are. Know that you are not your body, you are pure awareness, presence and the essence that lives in you.

Check out guided mindfulness meditation on youtube and spend quiet time each day listening to a nice meditation.

I will keep you in prayer and all who have tinnitus.
Regards, Carmel.

Sep 16, 2016
Desperate need of prayer
by: Jackie

My name is Jackie. The ringing in my ears started after playing drums in a band (and not protecting them, yes stupid decision) when I was about 20. I am now 24.
For the past 4 years it was always hard, but I managed to cope with the problem. But for some reason as of 2 months ago, the ringing became louder, each day a NEW noise would appear. Not just ringing. Buzzing sort of sounding like a machine in my left ear along with tones that vary. High pitched, low pitched, hissing.
It's been so hard to live the past couple of months and I am on the verge of going completely insane.
I have gone to churches to pray, multiple ENT doctors and I feel I am close to my end.
There is no peace unless I am sitting outside. Inside anywhere, the noises are amplified.
I barely sleep, I can barely work, anxiety levels are through the roof all day, everyday.
It's honestly a curse to wake up because the noise is the first thing I hear. I am in desperate need of advice.
I know most people have probably never had it this bad, only how I've had it for the past few years but I honestly don't feel I can go on any longer.

comment from webmaster, Katherine Owen
Dear Jackie,
I am publishing your comment immediately so that you know I have prayed for you that the tinnitus is HEALED.

I have prayed this Prayer for Healing

I know also that other people who have commented and signed up for this thread will do the same.
Please keep going.
Love, Katherine

Mar 21, 2017
Tennitus and thoughts about suicide
by: George N

I'm exactly like sandy im feeling her pain and scared and afraid how I'm going to live everyday like this.

Plenty of times I thought about suicide and it scares me will my life get better.

I pray and pray and I want a miracle so.

Bad that I think God is not listening or he just doesn't care about me and I don't want talk like that but I'm afraid I will never get healed.

Please please help me and pray for me as well like sandy.

Please forgive me lord. Have mercy on me and pleases help and heal me.

Forgive me lord. Please heal me.

Thank you.

Healing and Forgiving yourself

Note from Katherine Owen– author and webmaster of this healing website

Dear George,
thank you for asking for prayer for healing tinnitus.

I can tell what a man of faith you are.

It is wonderful that you are asking for forgiveness, knowing that Jesus talks of forgiveness and healing as being the same thing.

Can I suggest that God’s forgiveness is given in the moment of asking? The forgiveness you may need the most is your own.

On another website have a free e-book available on forgiveness.

I recommend that you read it. It offers a practical, simple but powerful exercise for forgiving yourself (as well as others).

Whether you read it or not, the phrases below are a taste of this forgiveness exercise.

Your comment has wonderfully identified the areas of faith you wish to work on, and this forgiveness practice encourages you to rest in a place of accepting yourself as you are.

When we get rid of the self-condemning junk that is keeping God out, we create access for God's peace, God’s love, God's healing to reach us.

It's OK to feel pain.
It's OK to feel fear.
It's OK to doubt that things will ever get better.
It's OK to have thoughts about suicide.
It's OK to worry how you are going to live every day like this.
It's OK to just want your life to get better.
It's OK to want a miracle.

It's OK to think that God is not listening.
It's OK to think that God doesn't care.
It's OK to feel guilty about these thoughts.

Once you have practised accepting yourself in this moment, you can also do release statements to allow you to open to new possibilities.

It's OK to feel comfortable.
It's OK to feel a deep sense of trust.
It's OK to believe that healing has happened for someone else.
It's OK to believe that healing can happen for you.
It's OK to know that some days will feel much easier than this one.

It's OK to choose life.
It's OK to believe in a God who listens.
It's OK to believe in a God who loves you.

It's OK to forgive yourself for the imperfections of your faith.
It's OK to take a moment to allow yourself to be as you are.

Dear God,
In this moment I let go of striving to be different.
I let go of trying to fix myself.
I take a moment to accept all things as they are.
I invite you into my heart, my mind and my body.
Of course my own strength is not enough.
You are my strength.
Your strength is always enough.
Please help me. Thank you.

Dear George,
please read this article which shares the Bible verses on choosing life over death. Each time you have thoughts about suicide, please repeat these bible verses re-to direct your focus to the possibility of life. This change of focus will create a space within which new life-enhancing information can reach you.

Seeing you at peace, choosing life, and receiving a profound revelation of God's love you. Thank you for being here.


Comment from Carmel
Dear George,
I am praying for you. Read what Keith wrote read it a few times and it will speak the truth to you.


tags: tinnitus and thoughts about suicide, spiritual healing, prayer, tennitus [sic]

Jun 22, 2018
Pray for me tinnitus
by: Bobbi

I have severe tinnitus in my left ear and i cannot stand it any longer, I have severe fear and anxiety.

I would appreciate any help i can get either in prayer, advice or medication. I currently take valsartan for hypertension which I think is causing my tinnitus.

Thank You in advance for any suggestions that might help.

from Katherine re pray for me - tinnitus
Dear Bobbi,
I have prayed the prayer for healing tinnitus for you.

I do not have any medical advice on this website though others may be able to tell you what has helped them.

Please read through this thread and the links you find here.

When you say about the tinnitus "I can't stand it" you are not alone.
You will hear many in this thread say the same.
Nonetheless, people keep hope alive and many manage to soften around the tinnitus such they can stand it easily, and some heal from tinnitus - as in Keith's case.

It is wonderful that you have identified the fear and anxiety you feel. Please know that even if the tinnitus stays the same there are techniques you can use to ease the fear and anxiety.
Find a meditation on this healing website or elsewhere and use it methodically at least once a day.
Each time you feel fear use it or remember that you have used it.
In a moment of fear we tend to forget any help we have found, so you will need to TRAIN YOURSELF to remember anything you have found helpful.

Know that people are praying the prayer for healing tinnitus and say "I receive".

With my love, Katherine

Jun 23, 2018
healer Germany 1940s
by: Lex Samu

Hey everyone. I think there is a couple who may have come up with a systematic approach to what keith is talking about in his post on Aug.12th, 2014. The website is here: Everything is free to check out and work with. I've been using the self-directed attention exercise for close to a year now.

There was a great healer who lived in Germany in the 1940's/50's who talked about this idea of developing focused attention to avoid fear and for healing. He had to use terms and metaphors that probably seem dated to us today, but I know this is what he was talking about having had a lot of experience with him.

Please check out the link, and download the free ebook and try following the instructions for awhile to see if it might parallel the concepts the user 'keith' has discussed here on this site. I feel this couple may have developed a systematic approach to experientially realize these truths. Best to everyone! Lex

Jun 23, 2018
Tinnitus advice
by: Carmel

I have tinnitus Bobby and I find when I listen to relaxation on utube it helps.

Listen to Aine Tubridy her relaxations are very good.

Also listen to Eckhart Tolle all these will help you.

I have it in both ears and know what you are talking about.

Will keep you in prayer and your tinnitus will ease.

Try not give it too much attention.

Hope to hear back from you.

We are all one. One consciousness being played. There is no separation between any of us except in mind.

Take care Carmel.

Sep 07, 2020
Pray for healing from tinnitus
by: Jessica

Please pray for me. I've had tinnitus got 5 years and it keeps getting worse. Please pray for my healing. It's getting harder and harder.

From Katherine T Owen (webmaster at HealingCFSME)
Dear Jessica, I am saying a prayer for you now.
Speaking QUIET into your mind and QUIET into your hearing.
Speaking EASE into your life.
Bless you and all here. AMEN

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