Quantum physics healing

by Anonymous

Please please can you tell me how asking the tinnitus to go can make it go? Desperate since August need hope and prayer Loud party at back of my house started this nightmare

How did you exactly use quantum physics I don't understand all of this please.

Urgent. Desperate.


From Keith:

Hi Anonymous,

I didn't use quantum physics to cure anything. Quantum physics showed me that the problem was not my disorders, rather that my disorders were an effect of misalignment, a distancing of my self from my Creator and Creation itself.

They were also due to the inevitable claiming of a seperate identity. I am an enormous constant flow of living vibrating energy. Even my eyes are constructed of millions of the same particles which make everything, even the air I breathe, so how can any of it really be divided? It can't!

We are Creation, constantly creating. The entire experience only ever reflects the level of discomfort and dis ease you think it forces upon you.

In other words, ask yourself honestly why it began following the party? Could this be the reflection of the resistance you feel towards an uncomfortable aspect of your Life?

The moment I remembered a childhood fear of horses was the same moment a 40 year severe allergy to them simply fell away from me. There was no allergy, just misunderstanding, corrected through self honesty.

Try to fix your Mind, not your hearing. You can waste a few lifetimes doing that but eventually you too will have to align with Creation, to make friends with every experience, in order to realise your place as an integral part of a perfect whole.

From Katherine
Joining my mind with yours and with Keith's to see all sense of desperation leaving you NOW.
Seeing you in health and peace.
With the Love we are, Katherine

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From Lex: Quantum physics, healing, love, results
by: Lex Samu

I have written in before about using Dina Proctor’s 3x3 meditations. 3 minutes, 3 times a day. Over the last several months, I have found her ‘Allowing the Good’ and ‘Trusting the Universe’ meditations to be wonderfully effective for healing and overall well-being.
Her 3x3 ‘Liquid Light’ meditation is excellent for physical healing.
All of these meditations are available online for free or $1.
Just Google them if interested.
Keep in mind, on average it takes 66 days to start to notice change - physical/emotional healing, etc.

I have found that cultivating a belief that Life/The Universe loves you, can lead to more nondual revelations of non-separation. It seems that these revelations have to be approached indirectly, as the ego just can’t handle the direct idea that it is not what it thinks it is (on one level). It certainly can go on hearing the teachings and intellectually understanding it - but that can go on for years without any deepening experiential awareness.

There’s a reason why spiritual masters talk about cultivating love for everyone and developing compassion and kindness - these are the indirect approaches to revealing what we truly are - which is beyond any words, but which a lot of pointers in this day and age refer to as ‘Awareness’ - or that which everything appears in - and happens in. It goes beyond this as well, but I can’t come up with any words or really conceive any further with my intellect at this point.

Do you ever wonder how some Buddhist monks who are being tortured don’t suffer? Or how some self-immolate themselves without writhing around in agony, but sitting perfectly still in calmness and peace?

You can come to a point where you see everything as love I believe. Where experiencing pain is no worse than not experiencing pain, because pain itself is only love.

There are ideas that come up that say, "I am a person in a body, separate from these other people I see with bodies." But this is just another ‘arising’ in love.

Total non-judgment is where you don’t judge ANYTHING as good or bad - even what most would judge as terrible physical or emotional pain.
Granted, this is a very high level of consciousness.

Admittedly, this seems like a paradox to me - but one that is working for me as well.

In one sense, the separate ‘Lex’ that I believe myself to be is doing meditations to trust that there is a separate Life (or Universe) that wants everything to work out for my good - and I am also visualizing ‘liquid light’ coming into, or originating from, my body being directed into parts that need physical healing.

The visualization of light I believe is simply a way to direct intention.

One of my spiritual teachers, a fellow who healed tens of thousands in Germany after WWII, usually healed just by the spoken word - as also Jesus was reported to as well. Just by ‘seeing Truth’ ‘healing’ occurred.

Now, on another level, while the separate Lex is undertaking all these processes, there are other revelations ‘coming in’ - a lot of times as I am driving along - there is no separate Lex - there is only Love and it is appearing to be separate, but is actually just individualizations of Itself.

We are not separate sunbeams, we are connected to the sun and part of the sun - the ‘us’ exists, yes, but is not separate from the other sunbeams - we are all part of the whole sun and the ‘we’ is actually also just the sun - a SENSE of individualization exists - but there are no separate beings apart from each other or the sun. The idea that we are separate obviously exists - it happens - but it is also just only love manifesting in THAT way -

Why is it all like this? Why is Love manifesting itself this way with apparent suffering, pain, etc? Another very good spiritual teacher type I’ve talked to related that, when there is no longer that question, then you have the answer.

I suppose we could talk about all this until St.Festivus delivers all his kitty treats to all the good kitties of the world on Dec.24th with his team of 13 flying moose on his 13 moose open sleigh, but what is really important is how do we get practical results!

So here is my current recipe as to what is working for me to heal prostate issues as well as hearing loss and tinnitus:

- An intellectual understanding that there is no separation - all there is, is love/consciousness/Spirit/Awareness arising in an endless myriad of ‘apparent forms’.

- Practicing Dina Proctor’s 3x3 meditations, 'Liquid Light', 'Allowing the Good' and 'Trusting the Universe’ 3 minutes, 3x a day.

- Anything else that helps me cultivate the traits of compassion and love towards all other beings.

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Dec 21, 2015
physical healing
by: Katherine T

Dear Lex,
Thank you so much for your eloquent comment. It makes perfect sense.

You speak of the meditations being excellent for physical healing.

I wonder if you would share with myself and others here what physical changes you have seen.

It seems almost churlish to ask when you speak of Love and an absence of separation, as these are clearly more important, but I know that when people are in pain or experiencing symptoms it can be encouraging to hear of other's positive results in experiencing physical healing.

Have you seen changes in the tinnitus? - of particular interest to those on this thread.

Dec 21, 2015
Physical healing
by: Lex Samu

Thanks for the kind words Katherine:-) Actually, I consider physical healing to be the most important healing - then emotional healing. And the only reason I put it in this order is that because I find that, although certainly not ideal, there are certain drugs a person can use to numb emotional pain. I am just coming from a 100% practical viewpoint of survival on the earth in writing this (in case you have loved ones who would be sad to see you leave) and trying to be as honest as possible. Now that being said, as Keith alluded to, I think to really achieve a true physical healing or cure the emotional healing definitely has to be addressed and healed. In a lot of cases I think the emotional/mental healing happens first and, then, the physical healing manifests.

After all this, then I would put the nondual/non-separation understanding in order of importance. Although, I am realizing that, just as the emotional/mental healing usually has to come first, perhaps also these nondual, spiritual insights also are very important for a full physical cure. Again, as I stated in my last post, it does seem to me that once there is some kind of intellectual understanding of these concepts, you have to 'sneak up' on the ego through conventional spiritual practice from the perspective of the relative self - the self that believes itself to be a separate entity.

The tinnitus I experience is very mild compared to many so I decided to focus on the very serious prostate issue - and I only say very serious because I feel a responsibility to certain people to stay on this plane because I am really trying to not cause further suffering to people and, hopefully, even help some people at some point!

So I definitely notice a physical change in the prostate, I would say in the last 2-3 weeks. This is very encouraging because it hasn't even been 66 days I've been doing this and it does seem that probably around that mark and further on, people experience more tangible shifts in whatever their working on. Congruent with the physical shift is also the shift in emotional well-being from doing the 'Allowing the Good'/'Trusting the Universe' meditations and also the nondual insights that 'come into' my consciousness more and more often.

I also realized that if I did leave this plane, it wouldn't make any difference. I would still have to do this work no matter where I was. That spiritual teacher I referred to in my last post used to emphasize that we can get the most work done on this plane and that, when we cross over, if we haven't healed and addressed the issues we need to, we are very anxious to come back! I know that's very hard to believe, but I am finally seeing that this really could be the case.

Anyway, as the prostate continues to physically heal, I'll then use the 'liquid light' meditation to heal my ears and even my eyes. I have astigmatism and am far-sighted - it's certainly no big deal but, if I am going to start showing this to other people, I feel like I really have to walk the walk in all respects. I live in an area where I have encounter many, many spiritual and energy healers, some very well known. There are very, very few who have the true power and wisdom to help another person. Many would like to believe they could though, and so they have 'hung out their shingle' so to speak! I'd like to think most of these healer types have good intentions though and are not just in it for the 'spiritual business' of it all. Through all of these experiences I have gained a very good sense of who has true power, wisdom and good intentions in most cases. I try to surround myself with people who hold up compassion, kindness, love, humility, etc. above all other things - maybe because I am in the arts I come across more of these types of people. I actually know a lot of people who inspire me with just their love, compassion, and kindness - not even into spirituality or healing - their just naturally this way. So I hope I can help these friends of mine through the knowledge of healing I gain in case they ever get into any real trouble! All the very best, Lex

Dec 21, 2015
Healing Prostate
by: Katherine T

Thank you Lex. Wonderful to know of the healing of the prostate.

Do let us know how you get on with healing the tinnitus.

Feb 14, 2018
tinnitis and quantum ness
by: Herb


contrary to what is known or unknown about tinitis (sp), I decided that the hum in my body is the sound that the energy of the universe makes in me. I am the receiver and of the transmitter and the all that is in between......It is never a negative.....and for me, it is always there at the mere thought of it or when it (the universe) wants me to be aware of it.........and it isn't there when I am busy doing everyday stuff. Maybe the sound of quantum healing in process.......and that's my opinion and I'm stickin" to it...

..that which bothers, may be quantum awareness speaking to you...for quantumness is all and before that..and before that. and before that............for if you understand quantum, you are fooling yourself and blah blah blah....

Love and lots of stuff. and laugh often.

Comment from Katherine Owen

Herb, that is delightful.

A friend of mine had a Near Death Experience - a delightful one - and heard an angelic noise throughout it. Since then, she has had tinnitus. I had forgotten until I read your words that she says she is glad to have the tinnitus - it reminds her of the NDE.

Much love and quantumness to you,

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