Healing Meditation Thanks

by Jay
(St. Louis, MO)

Thank you for such a beautiful reminder of reconnecting to the Source of All things no matter what the nature of the dis-order is.

Thank you for the beautiful reminder that through this reconnecting, all things are possible.

It was meant for me to find this healing website and to read these encouraging and spiritually uplifting words.

I will meditate fully on reconnecting to this source and focus only on the perfection which I am one with.

Thank you.

Note from Katherine T Owen
Dear Jay,
In this world of seeming separation, we need frequent reminders that we are part of All That Is, don’t we?

Your thanks has been my reminder this morning.
Thank you!

With the Love we are,

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Guided healing meditation on youtube

by Lex Samu

Hi there, I liked the meditation so much from Keith I put a youtube up. Please share it!
All the best, Lex

Healing Meditation from www.HealingCFSME.com on Youtube

Note from Katherine T Owen

Dear Lex,
I am so glad you found such powerful benefit in the healing meditation.

Keith developed the meditation. I then developed it into a healing script.

Each article on the website is copyrighted– see the note at the bottom of each page. But I spoke to Keith and he is happy for the healing meditation to be shared on youtube. We are giving permission on the understanding that we may ask you to take down the video in the future.

I really appreciate your contacting me and the links to this website. Could you also add that the meditation is copyrighted and not available to be re recorded without the express permission of the authors. (You didn’t include your email address or I would have replied privately. I do hope you get this!)

It feels powerful to know that more of us are engaging in this meditation. Thank you, Lex, for making that happen.

With the Love we are remembering,


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Healing of the Body Review

by Lex
(Queens, NY)

Keith and others, I can't highly recommend enough that you check out Paul F Gorman's site: http://www.miracleself.com/Free-Miracle-Self-Chapters.html and his book Healing of the Body

I have studied the principles of what you are talking about for years - your meditation healing is excellent - but I have never come across the clarity that Paul presents and the simple way to apply it all the time.

When we live with the awareness that our true body is All That Is.. Everything.. Then we can do what Jesus and other great healers did.

Yes, the key is that expansion to see we are everything.

There is no God and.. There only God..

And now I understand why you received your healing so much more clearly after reading Paul's writings.

Wishing everyone all the best, Lex

Comments for Healing of the Body Review

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Sep 23, 2015
Healing The Body Book Recommendation
by: Keith

Hi Lex....wow!
Thank you for your book recommendation - Paul F Gorman's, Healing the Body.
I can't wait to get it. I'm genuinely excited!

Thanks so much




Hi Lex...and everyone.

I just wanted to say thanks Lex. This book on healing explains so much.

I don't know whether I mentioned all of my other physical corrections (healing miracles) on here, such as Asthma, Carpal tunnel syndrome, 2 frozen shoulders, no sense of smell, little taste, eczema from head to foot, a painful lower spine....all of which have either completely healed as if they were never there, or vastly improved. Well I just wanted to encourage all of you to do what Paul says in his book...which is the same as I did without even knowing what I was doing...and yet the results speak for themselves.

This is real...so much more real than any distorted abnormalities we think we witness.

Thanks Lex

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