Doctors' Quotes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

This article shares doctors' quotes about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome aka Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

The images are useful to share to raise awareness of this chronic and severe illness. #MEAwareness #CFSAwareness

Where there is an image of the CFS quote, the words are included both in the image and the text.

This article and this healing website is written by someone who lives with the chronic illness ME/CFS.

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Quotes about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Quotes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - talking of the impact

“Chronic fatigue syndrome can turn a life of productive activity into one of dependency and desolation...
I have seen the horrors of this disease, multiplied by hundreds of patients”

Jose Montoya, M.D. , Stanford University

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"I have not recovered completely [from covid 19]. My capacity for exercise is reduced.
Fortunately, there is no cognitive impairment.
The experience has given me a deeper appreciation for the challenges faced by people with ME/CFS.

However, my level of disability does not compare with what many people with ME/CFS suffer."

"I... think we need to be open to the possibility that COVID-19 may provide clues that will help us understand and develop new approaches to ME/CFS."

Researcher Ian Lipkin, talking about his experience of long covid in 2020.

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“Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a very debilitating syndrome which affects about one million Americans.
We don't have a good grasp on it. It causes head to toe symptoms.
We have heard you [CFS patients]. We are trying to understand you.”

ABC News’ senior medical contributor, Dr. Jennifer Ashton
1 August 2017

In response to the Stanford University Research in the USA revealing cytokines in the blood of those with CFS

Doctor's quote about CFS

“Our findings show clearly that [chronic fatigue syndrome] is an inflammatory disease and provide a solid basis for a diagnostic blood test.”

Dr Mark Davis, professor of immunology and microbiology, Stanford University,
July 2017

Click here for a page of CFS research. Find (Control F on Windows computers) "Mark Davis" to find the link to find outt more about his research.

“CFS/ME should be considered a multi system disorder with many organs involved.”
Dr Cariente Pariante, King's College, speaking on Good Evening Wales, December 2018

“I was astounded at the extent to which (ME) can disable someone.
When I unpicked current physiotherapy provision and saw the accounts of people with ME ,
I was horrified of the general impression of my profession and the potential harm we could be causing.
Physiotherapy is designed to help people, but it felt like here was an entire patient group with a devastating disease we were failing.”

Karen Leslie, neurophysio. A member of Physios for ME.

Quotes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - The need for research into ME/CFS

MECFS quote from Doctor

‘CFS/ME is a serious condition and its underpinning biology is poorly understood.

Encouragingly, this work (research published December 2018) sheds light on potential mechanisms of immune dysregulation underlying early stages of chronic fatigue syndrome.

The MRC strongly encourages more research to better understand this condition in order to address an area of unmet clinical need.’

This MECFS quote is by Dr Neha Issar-Brown, Head of Population and Systems Medicine at the Medical Research Council

“The Centre for infection and immunity (CII) has been committed to ME/CFS research since 2010.
Our studies of blood, cerebral spinal fluid, saliva and feces, using state-of-the-art methods that include microbiology and sequencing, metabolomics, proteomics, and immunological profiling, confirm that patients with M E/CFS have biological abnormalities.”

Professor W. Ian Lipkin
18 October 2018

Director, Centre for infection and immunity
Director, Centre for solutions for ME/CFS

“We are committed to actively investigating the causes of immunological and metabolic abnormalities in M E/CFS. I hope that this work will enable insights that lead to treatments.”

Professor W. Ian Lipkin
18 October 2018.

Director, Centre for infection and immunity
Director, Centre for solutions for ME/CFS

Quotes about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome relevant to speech issues and socialising

“Among the defining features of ME/CFS is “an overwhelming sense of fatigue and chronic influenza-like malaise, typically... exacerbated after physical or mental exertion.”
(Appendix: report of the ME/CFS working group, January 2002, page 37).

“In addition to general cognitive fatigue, other difficulties include reduced attention span, reported impairment of short-term memory, word-finding difficulties, inability to plan and organise thoughts, spatial disorientation, and loss of powers of concentration... An extreme sensitivity to any sensory input.”
(Appendix: report of the ME/CFS working group, January 2002, page 37).


 “... with severely affected patients finding relative comfort only in the darkened bedroom, isolated from even normal levels of environmental noise and light.”
Doctor William Weir, a synopsis of ME/CFS, article for the Newsletter of the 25% ME group, 2019 

 “Emotional stress often has the same effect [as physical activity beyond the individual’s limits];
if overexertion and/or emotional stress persist for a prolonged period of time, this will have a negative impact on prognosis.
It should also be re-emphasised that an individual with ME/CFS is particular vulnerable to the stress arising from light or noise above their threshold of tolerance, which, as stated above, can be abnormally low.”
Dr William Weir, a synopsis of ME/CFS, article for the Newsletter of the 25% ME group, 2019, Issue number 47.

Click here for an article on speech problems and ME/CFS

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