Ill and fed up of being careful
Health management prayer -

Are you feeling ill and fed up of being careful?

This article offers a prayer to hand over your feelings to God.
Are you willing to be held in love in the moment of feeling ill and fed up?
Are you willing to create a space in your mind to allow Spirit access so you are no longer coping with the situation and the feelings on your own?

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Health management when living with chronic fatigue syndrome can feel like a chore.

You may have every intention to pace well – to alternate rest and activity.

You may have every intention to stick to a chronic fatigue syndrome diet of your choosing.

Yet, you may find yourself pushing yourself beyond your current limits and feeling sorry for yourself when your body doesn’t take the activity well.
I write this as a person living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis who lived with it at a very severe level for many years.
I have a personal experience of the frustration!

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It can feel maddening and cruel to have to be careful with your body, at a time when it would be good for your mental health to exercise more or lose yourself in a task.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome demands the juggling of physical health needs with emotional health needs.

We need to recognise that we are going to get it wrong a lot of the time.

Below is a prayer to help you to claim God’s love for you just as you are, with whatever current level of ability you have to engage well with your health management.

This prayer for support can be a  wonderful way to become aware of any areas in which you find it hard to help yourself in the ways you know you need.
You are doing the best you can.
Hand over any distress, weakness, or feelings of 'I can't do this' and ask for help.
It's ok to say 'I can't'.

It's ok to ask for help.

Prayer when feeling ill and fed up

Prayer to be kind to yourself when you don't do 'health management' perfectly

Dear God,

As you know, I live with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Fibromyalgia, long covid (covid long haul) or …

I thank you for those times when I find it easy to be kind to myself.

I offer you those times when I am fed up of pacing myself
... or having the right diet
... or any time when I feel ill and fed up of finding the willingness to engage in a health management approach of my choice.

I offer you those times when I feel short tempered.

I offer you any distress I feel about how my body feels.

I offer you any anxiety I feel about my ability to cope.

There are changes that living with illness brings to my life.
Strengthen me to be able to deal with these changes.

At times when I find it hard to look after myself, guide me to do so.

If at times, I act in ways which don't promote my health, help me to be gentle on myself.
Help me to remember there is no perfect way to look after myself.
It is always a process of learning.

I see myself drawing on your strength and finding out that your strength never fails.

God, pour out your blessings on me, a person with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
Nurture me. Support me.

If there are times when I feel the illness has taken over who I am,
guide me to see through the symptoms to the me who is still here, still me.

As a person with ME/CFS, I ask to be blessed with the pleasure of a life in which
I claim the power to provide a nurturing and loving environment for myself.

Thank you.


Prayer to go from just existing, just surviving, to LIVING

God, get me out of this!

Give me the miracle of HEALTH .

Give me more than existing. Give me thriving.

I join minds with all others who visit here to see us living a fulfilling happy life again.

I see us all lifted up in your arms.

I receive this prayer for myself.

I know that in praying for myself  and in my receiving of this prayer,
I clear the channel for all of us living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
or any other chronic illness to receive the miracle of HEALTH.

Thank you. Praise be. AMEN

Wishing you healing both within and beyond illness,


Katherine T Owen

Katherine T Owen runs this website -

She is author of the small collection of spiritual poems, Be Loved, Beloved.
it in paperback at or on kindle)

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