Wheelchair Accessible Country near Swindon  

This article shares wheelchair accessible country near Swindon, along with green spaces in Swindon itself.

I have a longing to go to green places near where I live, and as I haven't found this wheelchair access information to be readily available online, I am providing it.

At the point at which someone provides better information, I may remove this wheelchair friendly article.

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My own situation

I am aware that mobility disability and restriction comes in many different forms. So I will start by describing my own situation.

I use a mobility scooter rather than a wheelchair.

Mobility scooters also come in many forms.

My own scooter is one that gets taken apart and put in the boot of a car. It struggles to go down a curb to the road.
Some of you will have far superior scooters. You will no doubt find a greater range of wheelchair accessible trips near Swindon.

I am disabled through illness (ME/CFS) rather than 'healthy disabled'.
Therefore, I'm not an intrepid explorer as some of you may be.  I do not go out in my scooter unassisted, as fatigue and other symptoms are a limiting issue.

I have some mobility to get out of the scooter if need be, for example to cross a cattle grid. My mobility varies on different days. My aim here is to only include those places where that mobility wasn't required.
Apologies in advance for any mistakes.

Please use this article on wheelchair accessible country near Swindon as guidance to do your own further research.
I go out rarely, and I can be quite happy with a quiet car park surrounded by trees with birds singing.
For some of you who are more adventurous that would be a huge disappointment!

The timings given for the country trips near Swindon are the approximate times from Wroughton where I live, just South of Swindon.
Please adapt them according to where you live in Swindon.

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Contents for  Wheelchair Accessible Country near Swindon

Timings for the wheelchair accessible country near Swindon are from Wroughton

  • Barbary Castle - 10 minutes
  • Lower Moor farm - 27 minutes
  • Uffington white horse - 30 minutes
  • Langford lakes - 1 hour 10 minutes
  • Fairford - 34 minutes
  • Chiseldon camp - 11 minutes
  • Coate Water Park - 10 minutes
  • Somerford Common, near Brinkworth - 16 minutes
  • Tow paths near Swindon
  • Wheelchair accessible country trips to Wales - just over an hour from Junction 16

Further suggestions for wheelchair accessible country near Swindon  

  • Possible wheelchair Accessible Walks in The Chilterns
  • Oxfordshire Short Easy Walks
  • Thames Path disabled access
  • Countryside Mobility - offer trampers for hire - deluxe mobility scooters you can hire at stated wheelchair accessible country venues.

A little random

  • Beach wheelchairs for hire - just because I cam across this useful page!

Barbary Castle

Time for trip from Wroughton, Swindon -  10 minutes

If you put Barbary Castle into the Sat Nav, you will get the main car park. With a decent scooter, I suspect you could get along to the iron fort area, though I can’t be sure of that. I went there back in the day when I was walking.

The back of Barbary Castle

Barbury Castle, Wroughton, Swindon SN4 0QH. I hope the postcode works

Sometimes I am with someone who can’t lift the scooter out, or I am not well enough to get out of the car.

The back of Barbary Castle is a favourite place just to sit and enjoy the wonderful view over fields.

Access to the back of Barbary Castle is via Priors Hill in Wroughton. Or, if coming from Chiseldon, via the Alexandra Park to Thorney Park road.

In theory you could drive a scooter along the private roads. In practice, cars go along this road at surprising speed.
There is also quite a steep gradient going from the back of Barbary Castle down in the direction of the Barbary racetrack, so you would need a decent scooter. Or someone strong and willing if you are being assisted in a wheelchair.

Lower Moor farm

Time for trip from Wroughton, Swindon : 27 minutes

Lower Moor farm has a mobility scooter accessible route that takes you all the way around the lake.
I managed it on my scooter. There was 1 gate with a catch.
I wouldn't want to have done it without a companion.

I suspect it wouldn't be wise to do the walk in the wetter months unless you have a better scooter than my own.
You might get caught in mud.

Lower Moor farm is looked after by Wiltshire Wildlife Trust.
You will find information on their website.
It has a wheelchair accessible cafe with wheelchair access to the toilet.
Wiltshire Wildlife Trust are happy for you to ring them up to ask for the latest information.
(Select 'Reserves' in the options given by the automated message.)

I believe they list one of the bird hides as having disabled access for wheelchairs.
For the hide I visited (see below), I had to get off the scooter in order to get in.
A more sturdy scooter would have managed the lip on the door.
If you're not self propelling, and the wheelchair is being pushed, the lip would have been negotiable.

Bring your disability RADAR key with you.
Apparently there are some gates which can only be opened with the RADAR key or opened for you by a staff member. 
I didn't encounter any of those gates when doing a circuit of the lake.

In the photo below, I am going over some ground where the track isn't clearly laid, heading towards the bird hide which looks towards the Heronry. I was lucky enough to see a Heron from there.

It's a beautiful place but don't expect to see a huge amount of wildlife. They have enough space to hide. 
I saw several dragonflies just hatched, which was a first for me. You can see one below next to what I think is called its exoskeleton.

Lower Moor Farm. Rough track suitable for some trips out using a mobility scooter. Near Swindon, England.An example of rough ground round the lake at Lower Moor Farm near Swindon
Dragonfly just hatched Lower Moor Farm. April. Accessible in a mobility scooter with a helper to rescue you in the event of getting caught in mud.April. A just hatched dragonfly at Lower Moor Farm - Swindon countryside

Uffington white horse

Time from Wroughton 30 Minutes

There is a car park especially for older people and disabled people.
(I believe it is referenced in a poem by the poet Pam Ayres.)

The view from the car park is amazing, with a real sense of being on the top of the hill which is delightful.
However, I don't think there is access to the actual white horse in chalk on the hillside.

A carer took me up to this Uffington white horse car park quite soon after I was well enough to leave the house. 
I had a beautiful serendipitous encounter.
There is a barrier preventing cars from driving right up to the white horse. We were next to this barrier with myself in a wheelchair. The English Heritage warden happened to come by, and offered to drive me up to the top.
I was given a private guided talk about the white horse.

Langford lakes, Wiltshire

Time for trip from Wroughton, Swindon -  1 hour 10 minutes

There is a one mile route that takes you all around the lake.
You might need help to get inside the bird hides if you wish to do so.
The Kingfisher cafe is partially built at the time of writing in 2022, and is being built as accessible.

Langford lakes is looked after by Wiltshire Wildlife Trust.
It has an accessible cafe with an accessible toilet.
Wiltshire Wildlife Trust are happy for you to ring them up to ask for the latest information.
(Select 'Reserves' in the options given by the automated message.)

I seem to have neglected to take any photographs with the scooter.
In the photograph below, the scooter is just out of shot!

Access to this delightful shallow stretch of river is just across the road from the Langford Lakes car park.
It is accessible through a gate and down only 15 metres of track.
If you can't stand, you would need someone to push the latch down to open the gate.

Katherine Owen at Langford LakesKatherine at Langford Lakes, wheelchair accessible day trip in the countryside from Swindon

The wide mobility scooter accessible path runs right next to the Lake, with beautiful views.

Langford Lakes wheelchair accessible countryside an hour and fifteen minutes from SwindonLangford Lakes, view from the wheelchair accessible path


Time for trip from Wroughton, Swindon -  34 minutes

NB. Swindon is in Wiltshire yet close to Oxfordshire, Bedfordshire and Gloucestershire. 
So wheelchair accessible country near Swindon can be in any of these counties.

There is a small but enjoyable path which runs down next to the river at Fairford.

There haven't been many times when I've been able to scoot along beside a strong flowing river.
It was a real treat.
I went in November, When the river was very high, and it was still accessible to me then.

Wheelchair accessible path. Fairford, Gloucestershire.Katherine in Fairford, Gloucestershire

Chiseldon camp

Time for trip from Wroughton, Swindon -  11 minutes

Chiseldon Camp (site of), Sambre Rd, Swindon SN4 0JA

This is a former military camp, which it has grown over. So it's basically a large flat area– a friend remembers it as a parade ground.

It's the closest to me for somewhere where I'm free to scoot along on my own for half a mile.
I haven't explored it fully yet, but I expect that the path gives access to Three Trees Farm Shop, where you could stop for a coffee.

There is also a path which follows the old railway track. I'm not sure how easy it would be on my scooter, but would probably be possible for sturdier ones.

Countryside near Swindon which is wheelchair accessible.Katherine on the mobility scooter at Chiseldon Camp near Swindon

Coate Water Park

10 minutes from Wroughton.

Coate Water Country Park, Marlborough Rd, Swindon SN3 6AA

Closer to home for many of you in Swindon is Coate Water. I believe you can scoot right round the lake.

Coate water is next to the delightful Richard Jefferies museum. 
In summer months you might choose to have a cup of tea from the outdoor kiosk. 
The Richard Jefferies museum is a cottage and not suitable inside for wheelchairs, although if someone was there to open the front door for you you would probably have wheelchair access to the toilet.

I advise you to get in touch with them first for more information.

Lydiard House

15 minutes

On the edge of Swindon with many tarmacked paths. 

Somerford Common, near Brinkworth

16 minutes from Wroughton.

Postcode: SN5 0AQ gets you close!

Come along the B4042 from Royal Wooton Bassett 
There is a crossroads. Left turn goes to Callow Hill. The other is signposted probably for Minety
(I think it’s the first crossroads after wooton. There is a right turn before that.)
Take the direction of Minety.
As you approach Somerset Common from Brinkworth, on the left you will see a byway, just prior to a sharp right turn in the road.

This byway is tarmacked with woods to either side. There is a place to park after about 50 yards.

The byway is very low on road traffic.

Many normal tracks through woods are hard to negotiate in the first place and also narrow.
This byway provides an unusually easy experience for the wheelchair user or scooter rider to enjoy a wheelchair accessible ride through woods.

On the byway, if you are using a mobility scooter or if you are a self propelling wheelchair user, you can have the pleasure of ‘driving’ alongside a friend or companion who is walking with you.

I neglected to have a photograph taken of me on the scooter. So here is one of my more mobile friend, Stevie!

Photograph of an example of wheelchair accessible countryside near Swindon.Somerford Common near Swindon

Tow paths near Swindon

I am yet to explore these tow paths. 
But it seems logical that many of the canal tow paths will be level and therefore in the category of wheelchair accessible country near Swindon.
If you have more information, with photos included, please let me know.

Possibilities for wheelchair accessible country trips near Swindon to explore along tow paths are as follows.

  • Devizes
  • Nr Wantage
  • Nr Shrivenham
  • Great Bedford
  • Lechlade (The Thames Path. Starting point Riverside Car Park.)

The Locks are often a problem if you have no mobility to get off your scooter or wheelchair and no assistance.
I once wandered off on my own on the mobility scooter at Buscot Weir.
The Lock does not line up level with the path. This forms a small step that needs to be negotiated.
I have seen the same at the Kennet and Avon locks.
I suspect that negotiating the Locks would be doable for a four wheel scooter.

Wheelchair accessible Country in Wales - trips from Swindon

In Swindon we have easy access to both junction 15 and junction 16 of the M4.

It is only 1 hour by car to beautiful South Wales.

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Access for All:


Gives information on accessible walks, viewpoints, beaches and where to hire beach wheelchairs.
All castles in Wales are free to visit for a disabled person.
This means that although a disabled visitor may not be able to access many parts of the site, many will still be well worth a visit.

Links related to wheelchair accessible country near Swindon

Wheelchair Accessible Walks in The Chilterns

I am yet to attempt any of these walks in the countryside of The Chilterns. But here they are for your information.


Links on the above include reference to the following. They seem to overlap.

  • 11 walks (Oxfordshire) featured in a ‘Countryside Walks for All’ pack
    Goring-on-Thames, Oxon, 1 hour from Wroughton is the closest.
    Henley-on-Thames is also doable from Swindon.
  • Miles without Stiles downloadable pdf.
    The closest walk is probably the same
    Goring-on-Thames walk listed above.
  • Henley-on-Thames to Aston Village
    Probably as listed above.
    Time from Swindon: An hour approximately
  • 13 ‘Walks for all in Oxfordshire’, produced by Oxfordshire County Council.
    At 2022 I couldn't find this. It might be worth a phone call if you are interested.
    I suspect the walks are covered by the above links as the walks listed seem to overlap.

On my browsing travels, I also found...

Oxfordshire Short Easy Walks

Again, more web surfing in the hope it is helpful. Also for my own future reference! 

Click here for the accessible Oxfordshire website

The emphasis seems to be on the walks being only 1 mile long.
It is only 'likely' that it will be accessible for scooters.
One walk is in Witney which I would like to visit.

Thames Path disabled access

Thames Path disabled access

The following trips which visit wheelchair accessible country near Swindon are listed on the above link.
*   Cotswold Water Park. Neigh Bridge walk - I have scooted alongside the beautiful man-made lake.

*   Lechlade-on-Thames walk. "Walk along the River Thames with fine views and the opportunity to visit the first lock on the river, St Johns". I have been on the path near Buscot Weir but have not yet gone further.

*   Abingdon walk - Walk along a stretch of the river including parkland with views of historic Abingdon.

South West England accessible tourist attractions information

Try the following link for further potential wheelchair accessible country near Swindon or at least nearish! 


Accessible Countryside For Everyone - SouthWest information

Volunteer run. This is a brilliant resource for finding out more information on accessible places in the UK. 
Primarily aimed at those with mobility issues, and their carers and families.
The Accessible Countryside for the southwest includes the following:

  • South West Coast Path Easy Access
    The nearest stretch of coast to Swindon is in Dorset.
    Detailed maps and photos highlight path gradients, surfaces and furniture such as gates.
  • Cotswolds National Landscape Self-Guided Walks
    The article they link to has a filter to select maps for wheelchair accessible walks.
    As at 2022, the closest to Swindon are in the Abbey grounds in Cirencester.
    Also, one that looks like a tour around Tetbury.
    Katherine: I had a delightful afternoon in Tetbury one year.
    The provision of cambers for accessibility to cross the roads is surprisingly good for a quaint old Town.
    Neither Cirencester or Tetbury are countryside, near Swindon, but lovely nonetheless.
  • Wheelyboats
    They provide boats to give disabled people access to participate in water-based activities.
    The nearest to Swindon are
    *   Wilts and Berks Canal, Chippenham
    *   Burghfield Sailability, Reading

Countryside Mobility

wheelchair american museum bath. For those looking for wheelchair accessible places to visit near the Swindon countrysideKatherine Owen on a tramper - a hired scooter at the American Museum near Bath UK

Countryside Mobility is an amazing organisation which offers the hire of a tramper – a four-wheel scooter.
This allows wheelchair access to countryside in the South West of England along with other beauty spots.
They also list places where you can hire an all terrain scooter.

The Tramper scooter goes at a maximum of 4 miles an hour.
Daily hire is very affordable.
You can also buy a year's membership. At the time of writing this is £10.

All you need to qualify as to have 15 minutes of training.
I recommend that you look at the YouTube video instructions before you go.
If you have turned up to top speed, you do have to be a little careful as you start out.
As is true of most mobility scooters, there is no brake. To stop you simply let go of the mechanism on the handle.
So you do need to allow for the momentum of the scooter.

The closest listing at the time of writing is the American museum in Bath.

If you live in Swindon and haven't got your own mobility scooter and you want to give one a try, this is a great opportunity.

If you live with ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) as I do, your mobility may fluctuate.
And you may only need a scooter at certain times.
This option is ideal to allow you to join friends or family on a walk that you otherwise would be unable to go on.

Please note that the turning circle on the Tramper scooter is huge.
If you end up getting your own mobility scooter, although less powerful, it's a lot easier to negotiate.
You can try mobility scooters at many of the main supermarkets in Swindon.
Swindon also offers Shopmobility in the Town Centre.

Venues offering the hire of a Tramper, near to Swindon, though not that near!

According to the American Museum, the following venues offer the hire of a Tramper scooter.
There may be other venues that are closer.
Trampers make more of the countryside near Swindon wheelchair accessible. Hooray!

The American Museum
(1 tramper) 53 minutes
Claverton Manor, Bath BA2 7BD
Katherine - my one try on a Tramper so far :-) See photo above.

Crickley Hill country Park
(1 tramper) 45 minutes.
Crickley Hill Country Park, Crickley Hill, Birdlip, Gloucester GL4 8JY
*   Jointly owned and managed with Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust. The property is situated on the Cotswold escarpment, and includes grasslands, woodlands and the remains of an iron age hill fort.
*   T: 01452 814 213
*   E: cotswolds@nationaltrust.org.uk

National trust Fyne Court
(1 tramper) Nr Taunton. 1 hour 35.
National Trust - Fyne Court, Fyne Ct, Bridgwater TA5 2EH

National trust Brean Down
(2 trampers) Near Weston. 1 hour 46
National Trust - Brean Down, 2 Brean Down Rd, Brean, Burnham-on-Sea TA8 2RS

Speech house, Forest of Dean
(1 Tramper) 1 hour 23 mins
The Speech House, Speech House Rd, Coleford GL16 7EL.

Forest holidays, Forest of Dean
(1 Tramper) 1 hour 20
Forest Holidays Forest of Dean, Bracelands Dr, Christchurch, Coleford GL16 7NN

Beach wheelchairs in the UK

The following link lists places where you can hire a beach wheelchair in the UK. 

Not sure that the beach counts as countryside!
In Swindon as we are 1 hour 15 minutes from Weston Supermare.
But I wanted to make a note of it somewhere! 

Articles relevant to wheelchair accessible country near Swindon

Click the link below if, like myself, you are disabled with the illness ME/CFS. Read about resources available for you in Swindon, Wiltshire, England.

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